However, Heng Yu brought a small bag because of her urgency. Most of her things were left at her home in Toronto. She has already bought a house in Toronto, and Dai Ruoxi accompanied her out to buy some things this afternoon.

Xie Cunguan himself worked with Guo Tanlu to transfer manpower from Shikoku Island.
Guo Tread Lu naturally readily promised to equip the staff with Xie Cunguan’s opinions. The most basic idea is that a small community should draw out an old man, two young men and three young men. A bigger community should draw out two old men and four young men and have experience in the old underworld, while Guo Tread Lu will dare to fight hard in the warhead.
You can’t fight in the underworld, but you can’t fight hard.
But it’s not good to dare to fight blindly. You have to be mature to run the power. We don’t kill people for profit, but we kill people with experience. It can only be done if we are old and young.
After Guo stepped on Lu’s side, Xie Cunguan was lost in thought. Everything has been on the right track, leaving Heng Yu’s security problem. At present, Liu Fan, his trusty person, is protecting Zhu Di, Ying and Wang Yi in Tokyo. Zhu Xianghui and Guo Talu are an inseparable golden combination on Shikoku Island.
Zeng Shixiong and Wang Yibing are both busy with bigger things.
It seems that Dai Ruoxi is the most suitable candidate, but he also needs to protect the brain genius Li Mochi.
But it’s not a matter that he had a brainwave that Li Mochi stayed at home all day. It’s better to send him to Hengyu Company, a brain genius. Now, besides sorting out the intelligence and Dai Rexi together, he has nothing to do all day, that is, to crack Ri’s various networks, and then he doesn’t do any damage, that is, to leave the back door and come out.
To go to the company, Hengyu also has a senior brain technician who can rest assured
Yu Xie Cunguan himself is now doing everything when he is planting seeds and waiting for flowers. He just wants to look around Ri and visit a number of museums.
His boxing has reached a bottleneck, and being busy all day is not conducive to practice.
And to deal with the Black Dragon Club, we also need to know a lot about Ri, and Hokkaido must go to that field. What the hell is Ji doing there? We also need to see to be continued.
Chapter 37 China Township Party
Xie Cunguan has now mixed the Shanghai mind with Dai Jia’s mind, but he has not yet formed his own thing.
Family boxing is to practice one person to become a family boxing! It’s like Yang Luchan became Yang after practicing Chen Tai Chi. Wu Yuxiang practiced Yang-style Tai Ji Chuan, and it became a martial art; Buying a strong picture has become a buying mind after learning the Ma family’s mind. And the Ma family’s mind became Zhoukou’s mind when it arrived in Zhoukou.
Although the name of mind has not changed, it has become a different style of boxing.
In those days, Dai’s family learned boxing from Mr. Li in Banlamu, and finally they got Dai’s mind boxing today.
However, every teacher has made a choice about the original boxing when practicing boxing, which has to be adjusted according to his innate physical condition, just as you can’t let a man as big as Yao practice monkey boxing, and the boxing is not suitable for everyone.
What I have practiced is J and jīng, but I am seeking for all directions.
One is the root of understanding Wushu from the theory of martial arts. This is the unified study of the four directions, which is the supplement. Because Master is Master, you are always born with different places. If you practice according to Master, you will definitely surpass Master. Because you have not gone through the road of seeking art from Master, some master bodies have things because of practicing other skills. You can’t practice according to what Master is teaching you now.
People who specialize in J Ι ng, a basic skill, should constantly improve and care about themselves.
Xie Cunguan practices Shanghai’s mind, but Shanghai’s mind is greatly closed, which is more suitable for tall and strong people. Although he practices diligently, he is stronger than others.
Dai Jia’s mind is suitable for a small man like him, but he has already entered Shanghai, and it is impossible to transfer his mind to Shanghai. Dai Jia’s mind has also penetrated into his bone marrow because he has been practicing Shanghai for more than ten years.
So he can change and seek a natural choice of the body.
In this way, the practice is that the two things are slowly combined, and some similar things are merged when they are not strong, while some big things are gradually moving towards mutual compromise with continuous practice, just like two square stones are constantly grinding together and eventually become round.
When Miao Er was away, Xie Cunguan went to several places with martial arts in China when he was disheartened. At that time, his knowledge was also affecting his mind and boxing.
But what he has to do now is to take a walk in Ri and see what he can learn from martial arts here.
It is a very boring thing to hone boxing. In addition to practicing and understanding, the official is going to test his gratitude in actual combat. He is also going to challenge all the Taoist temples in this visit to temper himself in actual combat. Moreover, he also wants to use this trip to launch the name "The Better the Soldiers and Guards" in the Ri Wushu world and expand his influence in the Black Dragon Club.
He packed up simple clothes, all loose clothes suitable for sports, brought a card and said that the modified off-road vehicle would load tents and other things into the carriage, and then bid farewell to Dai Ruoxi and Heng Yu Li Mochi and others for a trip to the north.
On a map of Ri, Xie Cunguan drew up a travel route. He will start from Nagasaki, cross the strait in Fukuoka, enter Hiroshima, then wander through Osaka and enter Kyoto, then go all the way from Aomori to Nagano along the sea, then stay in Hokkaido for a month, and finally enter Tokyo along the coast of Ri.
Finally, I met Zhu Di and Ying in Tokyo, and then I went south to Nagasaki.
Xie Cunguan’s first trip is Fukuoka City. Fukuoka City has a special geographical location. It is very close to Ri’s major cities Osaka, Tokyo, Sapporo, Busan, Seoul, Shanghai, and běi jīng Taipei. It is the best place for exchanges among Asian countries.
When the eastern sun rose from the coastline, Xie Cunguan was already squatting on the beach.
It was the second day of his arrival in Fukuoka. He parked his car near the beach road and set up a tent here for one night.
He is not going to stay in a hotel all the way.
Practicing boxing on the beach requires higher leg strength than on the flat ground, because the beach is soft and difficult to borrow, but after practicing for a while, Xie Cunguan decided to practice boxing on the beach every day.
This feeling of inadequacy can only be improved through continuous practice.
Practicing boxing is to practice smoothly! Different terrain exercises are also suitable for different terrain warfare needs.
Xie Cunguan has been practicing until the sun rises and there are more and more people on the beach, so he packed his things and entered Fukuoka City. However, as soon as he entered Fukuoka City, he found that there seems to be a festival here today. He couldn’t help but stop and ask the roadside people to know that Fukuoka City Stadium is having a cultural exchange today.
Xie Cunguan was asking about the situation here when suddenly a crisp voice came to his ear, "Are you going to watch the cultural exchange program, sir?" He turned to a girl who was very "kawaii" in appearance and dress. She was next to him and asked him to thank the officer. She was also curious about this kind of communication, so she nodded.
"Then can you please give me a ride? I have a performance today and I’m going to be late now! Can’t stop the taxi again … "The girl gave him a cute smile.
Xie Cunguan looked at the road full of people and cars ahead. "Is it like walking faster than cars?"
Seeing that he didn’t refuse, the girl pulled the door and sat down and said, "I know a less blocked road. Turn your car around!" "
Xie Cunguan gave her a startled look, and the girl gave him a cute smile.
He couldn’t help laughing. Listen to her words and turn the car around. The girl pointed the car and twisted it into a small street. Although the street was narrow, there was really no traffic jam.
When the car came to the main street again, it saw the gate of Fukuoka Stadium.
The girl jumped out of the car by pulling the door, saying thank you and saying, "The car used to be difficult to park. Turn here and there is a large parking lot! I’m sorry to be in a hurry! " Run as soon as you finish talking, and you will cross the road
Xie Cunguan couldn’t help laughing. Although he didn’t like Ri people, he had to admit that the girl was quite cute.
When the car turned a corner, it really saw the word "parking P". When Xie Cunguan parked the car, he immediately rushed to the stadium. As soon as he entered the stadium, it was crowded with people.
However, this kind of cultural communication is not like that in China where everyone sits in the stands and performs.
It’s a bit like Chinese jugglers. People everywhere put on a casual performance, and the audience also watch the dance at will, and listen to the singing if they want.
Xie Cunguan also casually looked around and felt all kinds of cultural atmosphere