"Information?" Looking back, is it that Eva sent a message, but he can’t be sure what happened in detail. "Do you think the message is the kind of uneasy feeling?"

"This is the unique telepathy of love." Eva’s mood gradually calmed down, and she explained the principle of telepathy in detail while sliding her face against his. The reason for her telepathy was explained.
"Since no one has hurt you, how did you become like this?" Platinum is completely stupid. Someone persecuted Eva. It turns out that no one persecuted her. People outside are trying to protect her.
"Jin Duiwa missed tea and rice so much that she fell ill three days after you left." Eva put a morbid blush on her cheeks and spoiled her forehead. "I know you have a lot of things to do, but I don’t know who I believe has asked you for help."
"What the hell happened?" Looking back at the attitude of the big eyebrow man at the entrance to the village, he clearly knew that Eva couldn’t be. She was in a hurry to find herself back. Something must have happened and it was very urgent.
"On the night you left, someone disappeared in the village." Eva shivered and pulled him into the quilt, curled up in his arms like a kitten, and touched his face with her little hand, detailing what happened after he left.
"Are these people crazy? I don’t care if the villagers are missing? " Platinum looked cold and snorted. "I left and the villagers disappeared that day. What did they do to put this account on me?"
"I’m stupid, aren’t you white? They thought it was the snake demon who came back for revenge. You killed the snake demon who ate people in the village but didn’t clear up the future trouble. Since you are the patron saint of the village, of course, you have the responsibility to protect the villagers. "Eva rolled over and bit him on the nose and kissed him calmly and analyzed the reasons for the villagers’ anger.
It’s too simple for my saint to kiss you. Bai Jinhuan tightens her slim waist and forbids her to twist with a kiss from Pakistan. Do you think if the snake demon comes back for revenge, a villager is missing every night? The snake demon has been psychic and really wants revenge. The first one who might come to you has never come to you? To take a step back, even if the snake demon comes back for revenge, I am the patron saint of the village. The village should send someone to find me and completely eliminate the future trouble. No one is looking for me except you. I am the patron saint. Why do they say that I am a demon or a demon who wants to destroy the Luna tribe? Don’t I feel strange? "
"Golden pheasant, what are you trying to say can you be more direct? Your baby can think of these things, no matter what you think, you can tell your baby that we are one. "Eva closed her eyes and thought about his words, which made sense, but she was even more confused.
"The truth, as judged by my current judgment, is certain that things are not as simple as they seem. I must do two things now: first, find the missing villagers, whether they are people or bodies; second, find out who is behind the malicious slander. I deliberately accuse me of being a demon. Maybe the villagers are missing and he has it." Platinum turned to look out the window, and it is estimated that it will be dawn. "You can’t trust people except me for the time being, and you can’t tell people that I went to Yueshen Village. You secretly investigate who is behind the slander, and I will check out the missing villagers.
"Ana can’t say either?" Eva blinked and thought about it. If she couldn’t trust people, she could pursue them alone. It felt a little helpful. "She and I should trust her like sisters."
Chapter 34 Saint tenderness
"Since I am a silly saint, of course, including your best friend, you have been living in Yueshen Village, and I don’t know that the outside world is complicated and I don’t know that people are sinister." Platinum gently twisted her nose and smiled humorously. "Assuming that I am not a party, I should also be included in the suspect."
"Golden pheasant, you are so bad!" Eva bit him in the nose, so she didn’t want to coquetry and lick. She found something brushing her lower abdomen and cheeks red. "You tell Eva what you can’t do when you react?"
"What do you remember?" Platinum in distress situation twisted her ass and held her body. "I can’t break a child’s body before I break through the sixth weight, but I’m not a saint. I’m an ordinary man with flesh and blood and psychological and physical needs. I believe that I can restrain a beauty of your level. I really have no confidence to resist this most original temptation."
"Golden pheasant you bad! Do you really know your baby’s feelings when you have a large group of beautiful women around you? " I heard my sweetheart praise myself for the first time and said it face to face. Eva was sweet in her heart. Think about Liu Xinyu. Several people are the top ten beauties in the ball and have no confidence again.
"Silly girls, no matter how beautiful they are, you will never be kind and innocent." Platinum held a pink face and kissed Pakistan’s eyes with tenderness. "You are fresh, refined, holy and elegant like a fairy without a trace of secularism or sophistication. This is one of the reasons why I am willing to accept this forced feeling instead of killing you."
"Kim, are you still angry about my love?" Eva got up straight and knelt on the bed regardless of the cold, swearing that "Eva didn’t hurt your heart because she loved you too much."
"Fool, I really blame you for not coming back." Platinum hugged her and stuffed her into the quilt, tightly encircling her waist and comforting her. "Your smile and Xin Yu have the same effect. Her smile is a little evil and easy to get lost, like magic fascination or laughter. You laugh like a spring breeze, which can wash away evil thoughts and common thoughts in the depths of the soul."
"Golden pheasant is a bad person. How can you react when you hold me, since you can clear your mind of evil thoughts? Also top the somebody else "Eva wanted to bite his nose again, but this time it stopped his lips. She wanted to kiss and was afraid that he would be angry and reluctant to look at him with expectation.
"I’m still not sure to refrain from kissing." Platinum closed his eyes and felt that although there was no out-of-control reaction, it was even more obvious than before. "You forgot that your love is healthy and one of us has almost the same reaction."
"My mind is full of gold, and I forgot everything." Eva certainly knows the "healthy love" and power, so I dare not stimulate him any more. Suddenly I thought of the word eyebrow man at the entrance of the village. "What should I do if you forget the word eyebrow man at the entrance of the village?"
"Baby, your bed is really warm, but I have to go." Platinum reluctantly got out of bed with a shallow kiss on her lips, and lay down beside the bed to help her cover the quilt and gently told her, "Kiss you, remember to still pretend to be sick and don’t show any flaws. No matter what you find, I will definitely come back tonight."
"Golden pheasant, you should be careful that monsters often haunt the cliff on the moon. If there is no need, try not to enter that place. Besides, it is relatively safe, although there are wild animals, but there is no terror level." Eva was pulled out and her arms hung tightly around his neck. "You are not only a lifelong dependence of Eva, but also a sister of Xin language. Their hopes and sustenance are not allowed to have any accidents whether it is us or yourself."
"I will be careful. You can’t be careless and unaccustomed to walking around alone. Let Ana accompany you. If you don’t want me to enter the village, the investigation should be as low-key as possible and don’t tell Ana the truth." Platinum grabbed her little hand and stuffed it back into the bed. She got up and went to the window with a shallow kiss on her forehead and shot it out sadly.
When Platinum arrived at the entrance to the village, the man with the word eyebrow disappeared. His face changed slightly. He knew that things were more complicated than he had imagined. He squatted down and carefully examined the ground, leaving no clues and no blood. From this point of view, the other party should not have killed the man with the word eyebrow. He took the opportunity to take it away. What was the ultimate goal?
Luna village is criss-crossed with dense forests. He is not familiar with the terrain here. I really don’t know where to start at the moment, and I don’t know if I set out to investigate. I looked up at the pale East and vomited a mouthful of hot air.
"Falling on the Moon Cliff?" These three words suddenly flashed in my mind. He not only went there, but also saved Eva. Eva just said that the Moon Cliff is the most dangerous place in the whole Moon God Village. Assuming that someone is really cheating, the best place besides the villagers’ residence should be the Moon Cliff.
It is precisely because of the danger of falling moon cliff that monsters often haunt the villagers, which makes them afraid to get close to it easily. There are many dense forests all over the mountains and highlands, and it is far away from the village center, which is the ideal hiding place. He suddenly smiled and ran into the Woods to the falling moon cliff.
It’s about five kilometers away from Falling Moon Cliff. He’s in trouble in the forest. He’s not a monster, but a freak. A tall man with a black-and-white face mask is like a jungle god. He looks at him quietly five meters away with cold eyes.
"So I guess there is nothing wrong. The so-called snake demon revenge is a beautiful and moving excuse. Tell me, what is your ultimate goal?" Platinum eyes micro objectively measure each other’s combat power and find that it is as good as meeting a mysterious master in his villa in Liu Da. This place meets a master of this level, which is beyond his expectation. Who else is in the way with such combat power? What about their leader?
"Although I don’t know your origin, I know your strength. If it’s not necessary, we don’t want to confront you head-on. I’ll give you $10,000 and leave Luna Village immediately. Don’t intervene in this matter, otherwise you’ll regret coming back to Luna Village." The black-and-white mask sound is a bit like a robot with a light metal. Obviously, it’s not the original sound. It’s deliberately installed.
"There are two possibilities for you not to dare to speak in the original voice." Platinum suddenly smiled a little strangely. "We have seen you before, and I have heard your voice. I am afraid that I will judge your identity from your voice. Second, you are from Yueshen Village, and you are worried that we will meet each other and recognize your identity from your voice. I want to know one thing, whether it is the former or the latter. Is it dead or alive for you to arrest the villagers?"
"Although you are very clever, you still overestimate yourself." The black and white mask sneered and shook his head in a sarcastic tone to refute Platinum’s speculation. "First, I am not from Luna Village, and we have never seen it. Second, we have not arrested the villagers."
"You really didn’t take the villagers?" Platinum analysis of the current situation feels that there is no need to lie to himself with a black-and-white mask. He can block himself by himself. It is possible to beat himself and kill him. Assuming that he has not lied to himself, who really did not take the villagers? Is it really snake revenge?
"I don’t need to explain to you, believe it or not." The black and white mask landed in the direction of the moon cliff. "We will never cause trouble if you stay out of our business."
"I believe you for the time being. If I find out that you lied to me, you will pay a heavy price." Platinum thought suddenly that there is no need to confront each other and look for villagers. Turn around and walk towards the forest.
Chapter 35 Tracking the Mystery Man