After getting the news, I couldn’t help but frown. Although he said that he was spreading news outside, the price was higher. For example, about two million souls could indeed receive the then monster beast, but such a trend is necessary to offend this mysterious island owner.

Chapter two hundred and fifty-two Canglan Island
….. If it were in Kangzhou, the island owner would be offended. After all, there is a whole sect behind him. But in this chaotic archipelago called Zhaozhou, I rely on everything alone or keep a low profile. I have a company that sells some flesh and blood of then monster beast. It’s not only the amount of meat that is not enough to plug the teeth of the crit ghost.
Reasoning, if you want to get the flesh and blood of the then monster beast, you have to go out to sea by yourself. Willy has also considered whether to go out to sea alone to hunt or go out in a team. If you go out to sea alone, you are unfamiliar with this sea area. Secondly, I am afraid that you can’t do it alone. Especially these monster beasts are all in the sea, so it is appropriate to form a team. If it weren’t for the then period, Willy would not have paid attention to it.
Even if the other party is a strong then willy thinks he can’t escape, there is still no problem. This is also an important factor for willy to dare to go to sea. A shura wing has this thing at the bottom of its heart, which makes willy confident. This is a rare treasure that I have specially made to prevent Brother then from refining resources.
I adjusted my black robe and continued to urge some ghosts and ghosts to wrap my appearance in a vague way. After several turns, I arrived at a huge square in the middle of the town. There were hundreds of monks in the construction period. This is the most time that I have seen monks in the Yin Shazong Square. This shows how many monks in the construction period have come here to seek wealth.
Willy didn’t move his mind, but his eyes wandered around the square. Although he said that he had only been here for a day, he already knew that it was taboo to scan others in this Canglan Island. It seems that every Buddhist monk in Tsukiji is not very easy to mess with. Some people deliberately dress themselves up in a strange way and will stare back at you when your eyes are seen.
At least half of the monks are sitting cross-legged by themselves, seemingly saving their energy, but everyone here is wary that the slightest sign of trouble may suddenly lead to injuries. The rest of them are either in twos and threes or in groups to form a small circle. In these small circles, it is obvious that there will be a leader, and those leaders are all fierce in the late stage of the foundation, and they are unruly when their eyes are swept by thunder.
At first glance, it is not easy for the younger generation to reach this level. The monk is already a master. He is very popular. After he left with willy, he heard two captains send a secret language team invitation. After thinking about it, he estimated that he was afraid of losing people after being rejected.
"Ten percent if you can pass my test, I’ll give you fifteen percent." A certain captain said to the thunder field.
"The peak of the twelfth floor of the human foundation period", another captain said to Lei Dong, "I have been out to sea for five times and returned home full every time. Are you interested in joining our team? The reward can never be lost. Do you think you want to make a fortune and buy Dan medicine to impact the later stage of foundation construction? "
He didn’t say so, but he didn’t feel anything strange. Only then did he notice that it seems that many monks are in a state of great bottleneck, such as the fourth floor of the foundation period, the twelfth floor of the foundation period or the twelfth floor of the foundation period. These people should all be short of lingshi, especially the twelfth floor of the foundation period. The bottleneck period is the most terrible. It is very likely that it will be difficult to break through the elixir in this life, and the amount of resources consumed every time they try to break through it is extremely terrible. We have to help the monks break through to the peak of the elixir period. The elixir and the raw materials are absolutely
In fact, this is normal. No monk in the foundation period, especially one who has worked hard to cultivate to the peak of the foundation, does not want to break through the elixir. If we can give him a 100% chance to break through the elixir, I am afraid that everything can be exchanged except his own life. It is this eagerness that makes the prices of those miraculous drugs soar to a daunting level.
It is precisely because of this that willy would have attached so much importance to Qi Feifei, even if he destroyed the principle of killing every enemy, he would have kept her alive. This is the reason.
Willy didn’t care much about him, but he was very interested in his five experiences at sea, so he replied, "Five times? How many monsters have you hit? " Willy said if if if glanced at the captain of the Tsukiji peak, he couldn’t see the specific age. The whole person was about middle-aged, and there was a ferocious scar on the left cheek of the leopard’s head. It looked very annoying. There were already four people in his team, and the repairs were not low. It was obvious that the youngest son was very picky about his teammates.
"Don’t worry, the efficiency of the team is absolutely high. Every time you spend a month or two at sea, there are two or three heads." The captain of the leopard-headed ring eye seems interested in seeing the thunder, so he continued to sound to him. "Brothers, although our team is not the best in Canglan Island, they are all seven-story elites and the casualty rate is very low. You see, at least one of them has been out with me twice, and the captain is absolutely no problem. It is unfair to assign people." The captain seems to know that the rich people who go hunting at sea may be afraid of meeting the enemy, but they are actually
Two or three heads? Willy a slight ash seems to be quite a lot. Before coming here, I also inquired about some things in some stores. It is good to get the monster beast team of then for ten times. But this population said that it is good to believe with willy. Fortunately, he doesn’t need to believe in people. What about the only one in this place who can believe in his own strength to build the peak of the base period? Willy thinks that if it weren’t for the Godsworn then or the top sect who came out to build the base peak, he wouldn’t be too afraid of himself. How do you say that there are ghosts and shura nicknames in the Stars Island in the East China Sea? I can’t remember how many lives the Godsworn built.
"If I get paid, I want the then monster," throbbed the tone.
Hearing this sentence, the captain’s face turned slightly unfriendly. He said angrily, "Brother, you are asking too much. Then the monster beast’s fighting interest belongs to everyone. You can’t afford to find someone else to serve the squad." So angry, I guess it is a misunderstanding that Willy wants to take the fighting interest for himself.
When he said this, he had some confidence in others and continued to say, "I mean, I need the monster beast then, but I can buy the share of other teammates with Lingshi."
The captain a slight consternation stupidly sound way "what do you want then monster beast to do? You are good at refining? An alchemist? Or ….. "He is strange and normal to come here. Most monks are trying to earn Lingshi to buy a breakthrough elixir and elixir. It is rare to come here with Lingshi to buy an elixir monster beast.
"What do I need the monster beast to do, Daoyou? You seem to be asking too much." Willy was slightly dissatisfied and replied, "Is Daoyou willing or not?"
"We came back from hunting and then the monster beast signed an agreement to sell to the commercial island owner." The captain hesitated.
"Leimou is willing to give up his own quota of war profits and then buy the flesh and blood of the then monster beast." Don’t be short of throb, but now it’s not too short of body stone.
A labor repays to buy flesh and blood? The captain’s eyes suddenly lit up. After all, this kind of good thing is not often encountered, but he didn’t make a decision immediately. Instead, his teammates discussed it for a while. His tone was slightly heavy. He said, "Brother Lei’s teammates agreed to your request, but there are two small conditions. First, you can’t be out of work or slack off because of this. After all, maybe everyone will be wiped out by the then monster beast. Second, we can’t give you all our prey. After all, I’m afraid it’s hard for the commercial island owner to explain it. Of
"Fair deal", throb is somewhat expecting this team, especially the team that dares to do everything. On the surface, the captain is still sincere and tunnel "Lei has agreed to join your team"
Hearing this, the captain’s face stretched up. In fact, it’s the same for him to sell the then monster beast. It’s the same for everyone. Whoever pays more naturally sells it. The captain’s face is slightly lit up. "Let’s go out of the island. Brother Lei, don’t blame me for being very picky about my teammates. Although I believe you, the rules are still to go. First, try to see how much profit you can get. Second, you can learn from your fighting style. You are good at it. You can arrange tactics when the time comes."
Willy thinks he’s right. It’s natural for new players to be familiar with it. Moreover, the world is indeed in a state of light and repair, but the actual combat effectiveness is poor. The younger generation is not annoyed and says, "Captain please."
Even throb in six people together Qi Fei out of the island captain glanced at the sidewalk in the team "officer, you go to the thunder brothers for advice".
(To be continued)
Chapter two hundred and fifty-three Deep thinking on the nether world solution
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Brother Guan looked at the younger knife-shaped eyebrows with handsome eyes. His background should be good. When he was aiming at the thunder with his hands, his forehead was somewhat disdainful. Of course, he was also a good monk in the foundation period. When the rest of the people retreated and left him alone in the middle school, the captain introduced that "Brother Lei was born in the hands of the official family in Beilanshan, and his strength was good. Please be careful."
Bei lanshan? Willy has some memories of this force when he thinks about it. It is from the memory of the friar who was searched for the soul and built the foundation that he occasionally caught a glimpse of things that should belong to the top forces in Zhaozhou. Although Willy believes that this person can never be his opponent, Willy still has a hidden strength plan. Of course, hiding strength does not mean that he is almost rubbish. No one will like his teammates with poor strength.
But what about the top sectarian brothers? More than one person has died in his own hands. After nodding slightly to the captain, he turned to the official fuels and said, "Please show mercy to your brother."
"You shoot" officer said coldly to throb.