"Mr.zhou sister what’s the matter? Someone is making trouble? " Suddenly, a man jumped in from the outside. He limped with sleeves, and he was ready to look for someone to try his best. "If this happens again, I’d like to see which long-sighted person dares to make trouble in our company. I’m really impatient …"

Cheyenne sneered, "It’s very nourishing for Wang to be lame for a few days without seeing you!"
Wang limped out after seeing Cheyenne and quickly shrank back like a frightened turtle.
"Brother Lame is the one who harassed me. Throw him out quickly!" Mr.zhou Ma changed into a gentle and amiable coquetry and shook Wang’s lame arm.
"He … he …" Wang Lame saw Cheyenne malicious folded eyes passive Nuo Nuo came out with KuQiang small charge Cheyenne way "elder brother elder brother for a while your hand gently medicine is quite expensive …"
Soon, Wang Lame was beaten by Cheyenne, and Cheyenne was a little human and adhered to the principle of hitting people without hitting their faces.
"Now know that I’m good? My sister and brother will protect you and never dare anyone to make trouble again! " Cheyenne really felt a little indefensible and looked up at the building. Fortunately, Su Qingyan didn’t come out, and he hurriedly ran away.
"What’s wrong with lame brother?" My sister at the front desk, mr.zhou, was not stupid enough to see at a glance that Wang was limping abnormally.
"Short oil younger sister elder brother I’m sorry you to promise to protect you but just didn’t do it is really ashamed! But lame brother is also very nai. That man is my uncle in name. Isn’t our Chinese nation paying attention to filial piety? I can’t beat my elders, can I? If he weren’t my uncle, you see how I can clean him up! " King lame rubbed his ass way
Boss, this hand of yours is too hard. It hurts my ass, Wang thought to himself.
Perhaps Wang Lame’s lies were so true that Mr.zhou didn’t ask again, which also relieved Wang Lame.
Wang Lame, if you dare to reveal the secret that I am a local tyrant, see what I can do to you! I’m not that high-profile person! Cheyenne thought maliciously.
But that sister at the front desk seems to have a lot of history! Just now, I think of her stockings chasing the soul like a poisonous snake. Cheyenne flashed a trace of doubt. Su Qingyan once mentioned that she was a cousin when she hired this front desk.
When I looked at it, it was almost time for dinner. Cheyenne strolled to Li Pang’s restaurant and ordered some dishes, then gave Wang Lame a message.
"I didn’t show up at Li Pang for 3 minutes and crippled your middle leg!" Cheyenne hung up directly before Wang limped back.
"Cheyenne you bring the three beauty exactly is what person? I heard that three big companies have been built in our corner, and the company bosses are all peerless beauties. They are lying there waiting to watch their classes every day. I have also seen how they look like the three you brought! "
"What do you think?"
Li Pang shook his head. "Some time ago, your grandfather came to me for a overlord meal. If you really knew this kind of rich man, you would have become a phoenix. You don’t look like your clothes at first sight!"
"Li Pang is your eye. If I have money, I will definitely buy your house for the first time and let you sleep in the street!"
"Wait until you have that ability to say again! But don’t say that after the three companies came, the business of my restaurant was always hot, and don’t say that if I don’t help you, how can I help you in my restaurant? It’s much more promising to give you 2 thousand a month than if you play that game all day. "
"Let me be a member? I thank your family! " Cheyenne said that, but he also knew that Li Pang meant well and patted Li Pang on the shoulder. "I appreciate the kindness, but I think it’s quite good now. I can have dinner with you occasionally. It’s not necessary to be a clerk here to serve others."
Li Pang hates iron to produce. "What’s the future of your game all day! Forget it, I’ll give you the whole meal. "
Cheyenne looked out through the door of this small restaurant, and the old street was full of regrets. Although the neighborhood here is full of philistines, few people are kind. After all, the neighborhood in the street has feelings after living for so many years, just like Li Pang Cheyenne bullied him a lot when he was a child, but his words just made Cheyenne very excited. This dead fat seems to have not forgotten that when he was a child, he really had to be bullied by him every day.
But this is the character of people in Tiancheng District.
Cheyenne was thinking about when Wang Lame pushed the door and came in, followed by several people.
"Two leng? Cow eggs? Do you still have money to eat in the restaurant? " Cheyenne laughs at
Wang limped and asked, "Do you know each other?"
"Eldest brother, you said that big local tyrants in where? Didn’t you say there was a big meal? " Two leng drooling asked
"My new younger brother is going to train them to be company security guards." Wang looked at Cheyenne lamely and obsequiously.
At this moment, another timid person seemed to notice Cheyenne, and he sat in front of Cheyenne with a big smile on his face.
"This is your new younger brother? Do you know how old he is? " Cheyenne sees Wang Lame.
"What little brother don’t younger brother since you and boss wang know that everyone is not a family? Boss Wang, this is my Sun Xia ‘an. "This person is none other than Xia ‘an, the scourge of old age and immortality. Grandpa Xia Jian seems that he has been nourishing and handsome recently.
Wang Lame almost bit off his tongue. This shameless old bastard turned out to be Grandpa Cheyenne! That makes sense. Cheyenne’s face turned out to be a relic. Wang Lame is looking forward to it. I wonder what kind of face Cheyenne’s father or Cheyenne will reach in the future.
"Cow eggs, you take them to the barbecue stall over there to eat and fill my name," said Wang Lame.
Two leng cheered and rushed out first. "Today is the New Year, so we can have a big meal!"
"Boss wang, you just told us that you took us to eat adults today? You don’t think it’s Cheyenne, do you Haha, if he talks big, he will always be a big local tyrant! " Xia Jian knocked on the table impatiently and shouted, "I said, Li Pang, hurry up. The guests are starving!"
Cheyenne threatened to limp and shook his head at Wang, then looked at the old scourge and asked, "It seems that you have sold my money outside."
"Hey hey or my sun know me! I didn’t take two dollars to spend money. It’s a bit tight at hand recently! " Xia Jian a face of pleading.
To tell the truth, Cheyenne has thought about leaving this old scourge alone several times, but he really can’t stop being cruel. Cheyenne is, after all, his grandfather. Although he has never done his duty to his elders, Cheyenne has been grazing, but even so Cheyenne didn’t cut off his grandfather and grandson.
Of course, Cheyenne won’t be squandered by this old scourge because he has money. I’m afraid Cheyenne can’t afford this statue of the devil incarnate. Now it’s enough to ensure that Cheyenne won’t starve to death.
Chapter 6 Don’t insult men
Xia Anlai has something to ask Wang Lame, but Xia Jian has some words that are not suitable for asking now.
After eating, Wang limped in Cheyenne, threatening his eyes in every way and paying the bill
"Boss Wang, where are we going now?" Xia Jian had a full meal and picked his teeth. Obviously, he didn’t plan to go home, but it was just what Cheyenne wanted.
"Xia … Xia Jian, you go and see if the two leng have eaten well." Wang lamed.
When this old scourge heard the news, his eyes suddenly brightened. It seems that it is really New Year’s Day today. Well, sometimes it seems a bit fishy to ask the young man what he and Boss Wang are! Maybe … No way. Is there something really wrong with this small orientation?
Xia Jian looked up with anxiety, just in time to see Wang Lame’s "flirting" and his heart thumped, but he quickly relieved himself and said, "Well, I’m a grandfather. I wish I liked it that little!"
Cheyenne and Xia Jian went out and told Wang Lame, "You know more about this area. During this period, I will ask Zou Yu to give you the real estate company registered for the second time. I get the exact news that this area will be demolished in about half a year. What to do depends on you. If you need any help, go to Zou Yu."
"Take him as a younger brother for that old scourge, or he will kick his nose and face."
Cheyenne wanted to think, gave a sign for Wang to limp away.
"Really don’t give your master a little special care?" Wang limped a little uneasy.
"Don’t let him starve to death! And you find a room outside and let him live with you on my side. Don’t go if you have nothing to do. "
"We all live in the company. Anyway, it’s too late in such a big place." Wang Lame smirked after understanding Cheyenne’s meaning
Cheyenne watched Wang limp away from his heart. "That’s all I can do. It’s up to you to see what you can develop next."
To tell the truth, Cheyenne has no idea about potential wealth. All he wants is food and clothing. If he really has a special desire, he will have parents and secrets in the game. Even Zixiaxian, who wanted it in his previous life, has appeared less and less in his dreams recently.
Now Cheyenne’s planning company is just his rebirth, and he feels too sorry for his rebirth if he doesn’t do something, but even if the company really goes bankrupt, Cheyenne won’t care too much.
If you really want to form, you can say that Cheyenne is too suspension spring
Isn’t it?
Have you ever seen a billionaire who eats Shaxian snacks all day and gets up early to eat instant noodles without even a ham sausage?
Cheyenne has never denied his identity as a suspension spring, and he is indeed a suspension spring. Perhaps it is because he has never had enough to eat since he was a child that Cheyenne thinks it is enough for him to have enough to eat.
Cheyenne never had any big dreams. He dropped out of junior high school and went as far as the provincial capital. If he had such a big fortune in a previous life, Cheyenne might really have the idea of competing for the world, but after rebirth, he felt that life was just a dream.
As the saying goes, being happy is a generation of slapstick, and it’s also a generation of fame, but it’s all floating clouds. Once you die, there’s nothing.
Cheyenne’s mood is a bit like his own name now. All he wants is a stable life.
Unfortunately, things don’t work out. Sometimes you want to be safe, but you can’t. Of course, this is another story.
When Cheyenne Tower got home, she looked up and saw a beautiful woman.
"It’s really not easy for the big boss to find you once!" Su Qingyan lamented
Cheyenne said shyly, "Don’t say that. I’ll be shy."
"Don’t pretend kannika nimtragol, what are you doing? Open the door quickly." Su Qing stared.