Lan Haican smiled and said, "You are too timid. Your face changed when you heard Desa’s name!"

"Aren’t you afraid of him? Who killed the blue starfish? " Cheyenne cold hum a.
LanHaiCan if face dark no words.
"Did Desa follow?" Cheyenne asked, it depends on the future of the earth, and he had to be nervous.
"Don’t worry, it’s a genome branded with Desa’s soul, but if you don’t find a way to get rid of his genome, he will find the right time curve soon!"
"genome!" Cheyenne breathed a sigh of relief. If it weren’t for the Texans visiting the earth, there would still be hope.
If Lan Haican left the pie mouth, he said, "Don’t underestimate this genome. It is the most powerful genome. If I hadn’t trapped it here for so many years, the earth would have been destroyed by him. But recently, I have lost control of him. Even if you don’t come, I have to ask you for help."
"I’m not surprised that although I’ve been here to compete with the Desa genome, I can still make Mirror Flower incarnate to understand what’s going on outside. You are still very familiar with my spokesperson!" LanHaiCan if smile happily said
"Remind you that there is also a blue in their surname …"
Xia Anxin blurted out "Blue Sisters?"
"Yes, they are my hands. For example, I asked them to accompany me to the original spaceship after the arrival of the earth. I led them to this polar region because I felt that the DeSalgene was driving the spaceship and tracking my place. But I also went to seek your help. If I found that you have become a human baby, I wanted to approach you through the blue sisters, but I didn’t expect that they suddenly moved away and were taken away by the hidden dragons. I had to disperse the mirror flower avatar to resist the enemy because of a powerful attack by the DeSalgene. I didn’t expect this to pass.
"You say the blue sisters are hidden dragons? Did you teach them any skills? "
"I just nudge them at random …"
"where is the dessa genome?"
If LanHaiCan left the pie mouth, he sneered, "Now you have the strength to see the DeSal genome. It’s been blocked by me for a while, but if you can hold on for another ten days, you’d better restore your strength as soon as possible to kill him, otherwise the department will not be so weak once he is released."
The DeSalsa genome has the ability to manipulate and appear all over the world. The overtime tunnel should be the product created by the DeSalsa genome, and there are a lot of parts in the genome. This is also the transformation of human beings and the golden bee three-headed wolf king will appear here.
"Let’s go. I’ve been here for so many years, and I’ll leave it to you. Then I’ll enjoy my life. When you’re strong enough, help me save the blue starfish." If Lan Haican took Cheyenne lightly and jumped out of the hole.
When the power can be restored, Cheyenne can return to the island where the spacecraft is located with Lan Haican.
When the Lan sisters met Lan Haican, Bai Cheyenne already knew everything and told Cheyenne truthfully that they were the last resort of China and hoped to talk about it on behalf of China Cheyenne.
After the monster attack, the attitude of Huaxia has finally changed. Now Cheyenne has taken care of such trivial matters. If he handles everything, he will enter the spacecraft department to restore his soul strength. He has ten days to increase his strength as much as possible and then kill the DeSalsa genome.
Ten days later
Cheyenne finally met the DeSal gene body. In the game, DeSal is exactly the same as an old man whose skin is like a dead branch. His hair is pale and long, and his eyes are rare and blue, like a bunch of red flames, and he has three pairs of arms. But from the appearance, it is hard to imagine that this weak old man is the butcher who has wiped out several planets.
"Death to mankind!" The DeSalsa genome just broke through the blue ocean and waved its hand to drive a powerful force.
Xia Anyan is not afraid of the former DeSalsa gene body fighting together.
After a hard fight, Cheyenne finally cut off the head of the Deza genome with a dome-breaking knife.
Cheyenne held DeSal’s head in one hand and watched DeSal’s body still alive and kicking. He directly tied the DeSal gene body with divine light, which is a good research material.
Suddenly, Cheyenne felt a strong fluctuation in the head of the DeSal genome, a vicissitudes of life and a violent sound appeared in Cheyenne’s ear. "No matter whether you are human or on the planet, you will bear my great anger if you dare to offend DeSal glory!"
"Desa, I am waiting for you on earth!"
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. It turned out that the humble human earth had been destroyed by me three million years ago. Can the curve baffle me when you are so simple? The day when I find you is your be beheaded Day! " Desa’s crazy voice gradually dispersed, and the genome actually began to collapse and finally dissipated in the air depending on the divine light.
Cheyenne looked into the distant sky. He knew that the real battle would only begin. Sooner or later, there would be a battle in Desa, which would decide the fate of other planets extinct in Desa!
8 It’s at 8
Job double
Zhehei horse store
Chapter 1 Rebirth is Sex
Cheyenne was reborn.
There is no doubt that this is the second bad thing for Cheyenne in this life.
Before the rebirth, Cheyenne was playing a game called Evolution, which made brain waves access. The biggest feature of this game is that players can constantly evolve their careers and create their own exclusive skills. Cheyenne created the wizard’s professional skill "Shi" in the game. After he played it once, he felt that his heart was hot and he was forced to kick out of the game. When he opened his eyes again, everything around him changed.
Simple enough to make people drunk at a glance, the memory of old buildings is familiar with the smog heavier than that of ancient streets and cities … After three methods of argumentation, Cheyenne finally confirmed that he was really reborn. Ten years ago, Cheyenne’s tenth birthday was also the game ball open day of Evolution.
Rebirth means that Cheyenne, who has already made a name for himself by relying on the game Evolution, has become the poor man he was ten years ago.
Those who are excited when they are reborn must be poor and suspicious, and Cheyenne was the first wizard and the only player who created superb skills before his rebirth. At this time, it can be said that God is too sexual to let Cheyenne be reborn.
This kind of feeling is like waking up to find that it is a dream. The lottery ticket was lost when I won 50 thousand in the lottery ticket; 999% of the video has been finished, and the toilet paper is ready. I found that the network was disconnected … In general, it was a joy.
Well, look on the bright side … It’s good to be born again to ten years old … It’s good to be hairy. In this age when Lori loves her uncle, when she was ten years old, she wanted to find a girlfriend, but she went to the primary school to squat.
At this time, Cheyenne felt that the coffee table of his life was full of tragedy.
Just then Cheyenne’s grandfather’s old mobile phone rang, and Cheyenne knew it was his boss without looking at it.
"Cheyenne where are you? Come here. I have something to tell you. "The boss is calling."
"I’m on my way" Cheyenne replied. At first glance, everything seems to be developing according to previous dramas.
Cheyenne is a professional gamer, but the so-called company is actually a two-bedroom, one-bedroom apartment in the community, which is packed with more than a dozen computers. It is said that it is a game workshop, and all of them are reluctant, but boss Chen in the workshop is quite good at making a lot of money in the game, but people are also extremely searching.
"Brother Xia is here?" A boy named Knife smiled and greeted Cheyenne with a nod.
This workshop is full of young people, the oldest of whom is not more than twenty. Cheyenne is relatively young, but because of his outstanding skills, others will address him as "Brother Xia".
"Little Xia has something to tell you-you can’t use the name of the game" Monkey King "after you get to Evolution." Boss Chen is not tall and speaks with a southerner accent.
Cheyenne leaned against the chair and legs on the table and looked like she didn’t take the boss seriously.
The operator of Evolution has already announced that after the game is opened to the public, players can participate in various regional leagues with a prize of up to 100 million US dollars. It is precisely because of this that gamers in China have flocked to the game Evolution. Many forces are extremely optimistic about the future development of this game, and the well-known game id is to attract more ordinary players in the game in the future. Cheyenne "Monkey King" is also being acquired.
When I heard the news in my previous life, Cheyenne had a hard fight with this little man, but now he has been through a big storm. He squinted and said, "I typed the name Boss Chen myself. Should you give me an explanation?"
"Boss, do you know how promising the name" Monkey King "is in the game circle? It is by no means money can measure and it has special significance to Xia Ge … "Cried the knife at a side.
"Knife" Cheyenne stopped the knife and didn’t let him continue.
The boss confidently said, "Although you typed this name, it really belongs to my property, so I naturally dispose of it favorably."
"What if I don’t agree?" For Cheyenne, the name doesn’t value him, but what is behind it. Even after such a long time, he still gives up.
"I’ve received the money, and now I’m telling you, not asking for your advice," said the boss
Cheyenne snapped her fingers and walked closer to the boss.
The boss backed away and shouted, "Cheyenne, what are you doing!" "
"What did you say? Hey hey, my fist is lonely again … "Retreatable boss was caught by Cheyenne.
The boss knows Cheyenne Black’s history very well. This commodity grew up with his wicked grandfather and beat you up when he saw you unhappy. This kind of thing is as common as usual. The boss is a little surprised. "Why does he want to say’ again’?"
Before the boss could think of Bai Cheyenne, his fist hit him in the face.
It’s said that hitting people doesn’t mean hitting them in the face, but Cheyenne screams at the boss in the face. No one among the onlookers dissuades Cheyenne from hitting a little man, and it doesn’t mean much. It’s more to vent his depression.