"Well done! An An! " Lin Fengzan said. He chose to let Angel wear purple light to pose this scene, on the one hand, to let others see Charlie’s true colors, and on the other hand, to attract the attention of seven Lava Sakura people. It turns out that windson is right. The seven Lava Sakura people are very strong. If they are allowed to take the lead, I’m afraid windson will also be hit hard. Because each of them has installed two artificial elixirs under his ribs! In addition, they also have self-explosive devices in their bodies. As long as the master’s mind can reach the inner elixir, it will explode by itself.

It’s a pity that their attention was attracted by Angel, and then when they woke up, there were only five people left, plus the hammer of windson’s soul when they were surprised and absent, so the strength of seven people didn’t get waved and was eliminated.
"Quick attack them! Quick attack … "Charlie shouted at the dedicated intelligent terminal. It’s a pity that no one listens to his orders. Originally, the Federation was dissatisfied with Lava Sakura’s planet, and it was a great pleasure to see Lin Feng kill it instantly. Moreover, due to the images in the sky, these soldiers have made their own judgments.
"Charlie, you puppet of Lava Sakura planet! I must pay you back a hundred times what you have done to my grandfather! " Windson stopped in the air and looked down at Charlie coldly. Some practitioners guarding the federal government building can’t help but be dumbfounded. They all guess: I’m afraid it has reached the Du Jie stage to be able to stand freely in the air.
"Ha ha ha! Ignorant boy. I, Charlie, am not an idiot. Let me tell you the truth today. I have accepted the high-tech transformation of Lava Sakura, but they can’t completely control me. But what’s wrong with the high-tech planet alliance? You and Chen Baichuan, the old immortal, are all brains! " Charlie uncharacteristically jumped into the sky and looked at Lin Feng.
"High-tech can’t make you strong. Self-cultivation is the right way, but you won’t understand this. Your ambition has doomed you to failure." Forest air in the hands of slaughter Excalibur scattered with terror of murder.
"Who says I rely solely on high technology? People on the planet Lava Sakura only know how to use artificial elixir, but they don’t know that the real elixir is more powerful. Ha, ha, ha … They helped me transform my body, plus my real elixir … "Charlie couldn’t help laughing and tore off his coat under his ribs. He added several elixirs under the metal plate.
"See? One elixir can’t beat you, but what if there are many? " Charlie’s body suddenly appeared a crazy momentum and this momentum is constantly soaring faintly has produced some oppression on windson.
The advantage of science and technology is that it can instantly release the energy in the artificial elixir to form a terrorist attack without considering whether the meridians can bear it. At the beginning, Lin Feng had thought of the disadvantage of this kind of fix true, that is, there is a certain limit to the energy’s unsustainable attack power.
But now Charlie has used many elixirs at once, and they are real elixirs taken from the practitioner. In this way, it is no longer the increase in quantity that causes qualitative change. I’m afraid Charlie’s strength has been superimposed many times. Windson’s figure suddenly disappeared and reappeared when it reached the top of Charlie’s slaughter Excalibur and flashed a faint cold light to Charlie’s head.
It’s weird that Charlie flashed the ring on his hand and a spherical film wrapped it in an instant.
Windson slaughter excalibur split on the film only feel soft not focus on. Then a flash of lightning penetrated through the film. Charlie did not hesitate to spend the energy of an elixir to make the blow.
Lightning protection tactic! Windson suddenly thought of in kunlun wonderland yibao meeting scattered people all over the world. When windson learned from him the lightning protection tactic used in Du Jie.
Windson’s body suddenly bloomed with a layer of silver-white real yuan shield. Windson mused the lightning protection tips in his heart, and the real yuan circled like a silver snake. Form a silver vortex.
The dazzling lightning is fierce, while the forest wind is like a tree in the mountains. Let it wind and rain, it is still and quiet, like a mountain in nature.
This moment windson heart suddenly seems to understand.
Lightning suddenly changed direction at half a meter in front of windson, and was trapped in the air under the attraction of the silver vortex, and finally disappeared into the silver gas vortex.
A blow failed, and the ring on Charlie’s hand was bright, and the dark red flame directly drowned windson. When I felt the temperature of the flame, Lin Feng’s first thought was to teleport away, but suddenly there came the voice of cocoa in my mind. Windson stay in the sea of fire five lines of Lingying cocoa flapped transparent little wings around windson’s side. Since Coco appeared, the heat wave all over the sky suddenly became cool.
It’s just fire! The inflammation of Lin Feng’s mind, micro-motion and spiritual purity, has emerged on the body surface. This baby, who can incinerate almost everything, is naturally not afraid of the flame released by Charlie.
Charlie suddenly found that his flame could not touch windson’s side.
Since the inflammation of the spirit net can refine a powerful treasure, it is naturally much easier to fight against the raging flame.

Chapter three hundred and twelve So (below)
Charlie trembled a little. He didn’t expect such attacks to be resolved by windson. So he decided to turn the remaining few then into an attack!
When talking about these elixirs, Charlie can’t help feeling sorry that the elixir of the fix-true person is not so easy to get. Generally, the fix-true person would rather blow himself up when facing death than let the elixir be obtained by outsiders.
Windson didn’t notice Charlie’s abnormal changes.
Why are you always against me? Charlie’s heart is full of hatred, if it weren’t for windson, maybe he would have sat on the position of the chairman of the earth Federation.
Charlie can’t remember how many years he has been vice chairman, and he is still extremely eager for the position of chairman. However, there is no restriction on re-election in the political system of the Earth Federation, that is to say, as long as the majority of the people in the Earth Federation support the election once every ten years, they can continue to be re-elected indefinitely until the old one is unfit to serve as the chairman of the Federation and resigns voluntarily.
Who knows that since a windson appeared out of thin air, Chen Baichuan’s body is getting tougher every day. At this rate, I’m afraid Charlie will never be the chairman of the Federation. So he hates him and hates Lin Feng for always trying to help Chen Baichuan prolong his life!
This old deathlessly looks still alive! Check the ideal road. Unconsciously, his eyes were red, and the disadvantage of scientific and technological cultivation finally emerged, that is, the cultivation of mind is insufficient and the cultivation of soul is too weak.
Under the impact of powerful forces. Charlie lost his mind in an instant, and his eyes only looked like windson.
"Damn it! How dare you laugh at me! I, Charlie, am the most suitable person to be president of the Federation! Only I can lead the earth Federation to the light! Ha ha ha … "Charlie’s face was horribly distorted.
This time even windson felt the change of Charlie’s breath. Immediately hit Charlie with a hammer of the soul.
However, the hammer of the soul can only work on people with souls. At this time, Charlie is out of his mind, just like a wild animal. So the hammer of the soul of windson didn’t have the slightest effect.
"Lin Feng" Charlie suddenly woke up and fell into madness: "I have to kill you!"
Say that. His clothes suddenly burst open, and the artificial channels deeply connected to the body began to vibrate constantly. The crazy momentum brought up hurricanes.
Not good! He is going to blow himself up! Windson instantly determine the situation of Charlie if let Charlie blow itself up here, not far from the angel and the federal government nearby personnel will be affected.
If I had known this, I wouldn’t have let Ann come to perform the screening task. Lin Fengxin way. Previously, Tess copied a large number of memory images from the brains of four killers of Lava Sakura, and then prepared to let Lin Feng publish them to the world through special devices. But when Angel found out, she insisted on doing it instead of windson. Lin Fengben didn’t want to promise, but he thought that there should be no problem with the protection of purple light in peace, so he promised.
In the face of Charlie’s body, many explosive windson then did produce some panic. He can teleport away by himself, but what about Angel and the guards on the ground?
"In peace. You leave first! "
A flash of light showed a malicious color on Lin Feng’s face, and Excalibur suddenly bloomed with a colorful light under the course of silver gas.
Lin Feng holds a black sword and dances like a god standing on a high mountain in the strong wind.
Charlie, who was roaring wildly, suddenly disappeared from the public view. Only a colorful layer of brilliance slowly expanded in the air and then circled an illusory space like a bag of light.
Five elements field.
In the field of Lin Fengdi’s five elements, Charlie suddenly realized that his momentum was constantly decaying. He roared: "Lin Feng, I must kill you!" "
"Hum!" Lin Fengxin mind move. The qi of the five elements in the space changes immediately according to a special law. Just like colorful fish swimming in the water, it seems to swim at will, but if you look closely, it seems to have some rules.
"Charlie, I won’t let you die! But you will wait for the trial of the federal court as a shameful traitor! " Windson with a contemptuous smile on his face. Originally thought that Charlie made such a crazy move because his mind was controlled by the Rava Sakura people. Now it seems that this is purely Charlie’s self-indulgence.
"Are you? Ha ha ha ….. "Charlie laughing face upwards" no! Lin Feng, this is impossible. "
Windson really didn’t think that he didn’t think that Charlie’s body could accommodate ten then!
A strong fluctuation makes windson’s soul quiver.
Ten then exploded at the same time, resulting in terrible energy. The five elements of the field supported for a while and finally burst with a bang.
Charlie’s body doesn’t even have any ashes left, and Lin Feng feels stuffy in his chest and seems to have suffered some internal injuries.
I don’t think Charlie will die. He gave up the explosion of his life. I thought I could pull Lin Feng on the road together. It’s a pity that these complicated then impossible to windson’s eight turn golden body cause any too big threat if windson didn’t choose hard gear for the people around him, it would be impossible to get hurt.
It’s just that windson is having a hard time now. It seems that something went wrong. He only felt his consciousness sink and his body fell heavily from the sky.
A loud sound of dragons resounded through the virtual shadow of the golden dragon with five claws in heaven and earth, instantly hovering the aftermath of the explosion in the body and then gradually fading. Finally, the golden dragon with five claws bumped into Lin Feng’s left arm.
At the same time, a little girl flapping her transparent wings quickly floated out of Lin Feng’s body, and after some simple observation, she kept winding Lin Feng’s body around with colored silk threads.
This process is very short, and it only appears at the moment when the explosion starts and the forest air hits the ground. However, many people have witnessed this scene.