"If you don’t break him, I’ll let you go." Mo Bie nodded. It seems that he really likes this wooden box.

Gong Sunlong came up and the hammer fell down angrily. "Go away and don’t let me see you again, or you’ll look good."
Ink Lin holding the wooden box retreating back suddenly threw the wooden box and turned and ran away.
Mo Bie flew up and grabbed the wooden box in his arms and gnashed his teeth. "Don’t let him get away!"
GongSunLong would have run up three or two steps and ran into the forest, only to see that Molin was not far away and did not escape.
"Wow!" Gong Sunlong’s hammer throw was about to hit Molin when he swung it suddenly, but it just kicked up and slammed a big tree.
The trunk of the big tree was smashed out of a big hole, and the hammer bounced back and almost hit GongSunLong’s bald head.
"Shit!" Don’t follow the ink and then be fooled again. It must be that Mo Lin has long been considered a good forest and is not suitable for hammer fighting, so he deliberately led them in.
Sure enough, Molin took this opportunity to rush to the red soul and stab GongSunLong with a sharp sword.
"It’s over …" Gong Sunlong just hid the hammer and saw the dark red sword light coming. He could avoid it and close his eyes.
Mo Lin certainly didn’t want to hurt Sun Long’s life. He aimed at Sun Long’s belt to stop him first and then deal with the re-engineering ink man. But when he was in the middle of the night, a figure suddenly jumped out of a tree.
Caught off guard, the cold light in the figure’s hand is shining, and the knife light has covered Mo Lin.
Mo Lin’s first reaction was to display psionics, but he hesitated for a while and finally gave up the attack. Gong Sunlong was killed by the knife rest.
Chapter 14 Spring is coming
Chapter 14 Spring is coming
"It was you …" Molin wry smile way.
The attacker was his roommate, Bai Liji. The taciturn roommate’s face was also a little ashamed, but he was firm with a knife and showed no mercy.
"What is this?" GongSunLong and Mo don’t return to absolute being from the shock and stare blankly at Mo Lin and thyme.
"That’s the way it is." Later, Mo Ranyin and the two of them lost their ability to resist when they were stopped by Mo Ran at the same time.
"After the mantis catches the cicada and yellowbird", Mo Ran lifted the hammer throw of GongSunLong with a smile and piled it in a wooden box.
Ink Lin sighed, "If I didn’t guess wrong, your team is to accept our two teams and six weapons."
"It’s an honor to be brothers with such a wise man as you, but we are enemies now." Mo Lin also sighed and went to Mo Lin’s side to catch the red soul in his hand
"So you will regret it." Molin’s face bloomed with a smile, and the blade of the red soul suddenly bent like a snake and rolled up and passed by the body of the sword.
As soon as the knife in Baili’s hand shook, he was surprised to see that the blade was broken and the tip fell off.
And after cutting off the sword, the red soul has a life-like head, which is actually divided into one share, the other one is just the top of the throat, and the other one is just the top of the ink, and the wrist is stretched out to make a force. At present, it is a situation of death and a broken wrist
"What kind of weapon is this?" Ink ran surprised way
"I just built a good red soul and forgot to tell you." Molin laughed.
"Very well … I lost my heart. I didn’t expect that we would sneak attack at the most favorable time. You can still win in danger." Mo Ran shook his head with a wry smile.
Bailiji threw a broken knife in his hand and spit out the word "good sword" concisely.
Mo Lin didn’t dare to neglect for fear that something would make them tie each other’s feet, and it took a long time for all four of them to tie up.
Before calculation, six people from two teams, Yang Li and Jing Mo, were calculated by Mo Lin. In retrospect, Mo Lin didn’t think it was really incredible.
It’s getting late, and it’s still a while before midnight, when Molin blows his whistle and tells Lin Bo and the coolie that he has taken control of the situation.
"You can pass the exam until midnight." Mo Lin was excited, but he felt a little guilty when he saw Mo Ran and thyme.
"What could have caused such a cruel problem? Can one of the three teams finish it?" Doubts reappeared in Molin’s mind, and he always felt that there was something strange in it.
"Sasha Vujacic" footsteps from far and near, Molin jumped up and walked around in response to the sound. "Did you bring anyone?"
A cold black knife light flashed from the bushes, and the blade was wrapped in a murderous light of goose yellow color.
This knife has no mercy, and it is to kill Mo Lin.
"Spike Assault" is Yang Li’s favorite trick. It is the first prize he won in the elimination exam two years ago. He is a genius. He has practiced hard every day and has integrated this trick into his blood to become an indestructible sharp weapon.
With the feelings of anger and revenge, Yang left the knife completely and ignored the position of Mohist compatriots. He wanted Mohist blood to wash away the humiliation. His eyes were red.
At this critical moment, the potential in Mo Lin’s body is a dozen wheels and dense wheels, and in an instant, all the wind points are lit up, and the green light flashes, and Mo Lin enters the incarnation realm.
The body tightened its legs from the unguarded situation and broke out with unparalleled strength. The most dangerous head made Mo Lin’s body slightly sidestep the chest. However, Yang was too fast from the spike assault and sneaked into Mo Lin’s right chest at close range.
See this scene tree ink ran four people together in alarm.
And the forest also issued a limpid and coolie struggle sound is responsible for watching their Jing foam also froze.
All eyes were fixed on Yang Li and Mo Lin. When they stopped like sculptures, it seemed like a long time without an end. Finally, blood dripped and fell to pieces on the ground.
Three figures flashed out from three directions and rushed to Mo Lin, who was in charge of the invigilation of the Three Musketeers.
Zhang Junyan held Yang away from his wrist and said angrily, "Yang has gone too far from you!"
Yang’s yoshimitsu from his eyes has converged, and most of his red eyes have gradually returned to normal. He gawked at the other side’s pale face, and Mo Lin loosened his spike and stepped back, but his lips trembled and he couldn’t say a word.
Nie Renlong and Tang Chuan held the rickety Molin Tang Chuan anxiously, "Molin, how are you?"
Molin’s face is pale, and there is blood oozing from his right chest. Although this is not the heart, if he is pierced by a blade, he will die unless he is treated by a master physician.