"Everybody be quiet! Listen to me! I’m Qin Zhonghao, director of the public security bureau of our harbor city. I just heard the parties and our traffic police on duty! Please rest assured that in the name of the public security bureau chief, I will assure you that we will enforce the law impartially and give you a statement! The perpetrator is under our control and we will not let him escape! Don’t be impulsive, you know? You just smashed a military vehicle, which is illegal! He has committed a crime and can’t accompany him to make mistakes and break the law! " Qin Zhonghao leg lifts jumped out of the front hood of the police car and said with a megaphone

"We don’t care what military vehicles don’t military vehicles we want a statement! It’s a peaceful time, not a feudal dynasty. It’s crazy, isn’t it? Drunk driving through a red light, hitting people, and you don’t even say you’re sorry, but you’re still here to blackmail and threaten! What happened to soldiers and soldiers? Soldiers have to obey the law! "
"For us, they will lead a statement! You said we wouldn’t listen. We know he’s not your business! "
There is wisdom everywhere among ordinary people. They are not stupid to fool, but it is not that easy. After listening to the onlookers, Ouyang Cheng said to Brother Gan, "Did you hear that? Brother Gan estimates that it is not that easy to deal with a white man!"
"Don’t worry about it! Their leader will come! But you have to be clear that since he broke the law, it belongs to our place! It’s impossible to escape responsibility! I put my words here in front of everyone today. If I don’t handle things well, Qin Zhonghao will take the blame and resign! " Qin Zhong Hao Yi’s words have made a written pledge to fulfill a military order, but he still doesn’t believe it. It’s a big deal to go to his old chief, Ke Datian, and give him the secret of being a guard for years.
"Ha ha, you don’t have to see it. Qin Shu has used his killer weapon. If he can’t handle this well, he won’t be a brother of the harbor police if he hasn’t been mixed up for so many years!" Dry elder brother smiled and looked at OuYangCheng then turned around and replied.
"Don’t say that Qin Shu does have verve and deserves to be a soldier, but this soldier and soldier can’t hide from the guy in the police car. Grandma is a bear. I can’t see which eye is disgusting. I can’t wait to smoke their mouths before now!" Ouyang cheng nodded and said
"Don’t underestimate that guy. Although he’s just a coward, he’s not stupid. He just called the army a long time ago. According to my estimation, someone from the army will have to come over soon!" Brother gan glanced at hiding in the police car and said coldly.
"Scolded the dog day next door! This guy is too gloomy, isn’t he? The wicked complain first! Why don’t you want to call the army with guns to chug all the people! ?” OuYangCheng after dry elder brother words scold a way
"That’s also can’t say for certain things mouth long he how to arrange who knows! Don’t be too busy to cover up the water for a while! "
"fuck! Let them bring it on. Who’s afraid of who? It’s the West Sea Fleet. My little sister-in-law is the commander of the West Sea Fleet. Who are you afraid of? " Ouyang Chengniu looked at Brother Gan and boasted as if he were Kodak’s son-in-law.
Just then, Ouyang Cheng saw Ke Yong galloping with two military vehicles and armed special forces. After a sharp brake, 30 special forces Ke Yong led the crowd to run with guns, which made the onlookers have enough eye addiction. A traffic accident attracted the armed police and special police. It is more interesting than the military exercise!
Ke Yong immediately ordered his soldiers to squeeze into the crowd after he got off the bus. After he glanced around, Ke Yong immediately saw an acquaintance, that is, Ke Yong suddenly strode towards him. "Xiao Gan, why are you here?"
"Why am I here? I was almost killed by your soldier. What do you think I’m doing here?" Dry elder brother took a white look at the deputy armed Ke Yong replied coldly. The elder brothers watched the night and rewarded some VIPs … Chapter 417 was tied for me!
Tie it for me!
"You almost got killed?" Ke Yong listened to Brother Gan’s words and looked at Brother Gan carefully. He found that Brother Gan had no injuries and was full of energy. He didn’t look like being hit at all, so he didn’t believe in the question on his face.
"I didn’t say that I almost killed my third brother. Do you really want to kill me?" Brother Gan smiled at Ke Yong and asked himself, "If you really killed your soldier, see how you can tell your baby sister!"!
"You don’t and I lost a few laughs. You also know that I am your third brother! Almost, it’s all right! I can’t hurt you with your small body. Besides, that guy is not my soldier! Our soldiers are not so embarrassed! " Ke Yong criticised him as his brother-in-law, and he would dress up as a pig and eat tiger. It didn’t look good everywhere. Anyone who provoked him would be in trouble!
"My third brother is not your soldier yet. It’s not your soldier. How did you bring people here? Are you armed to watch the fun? I can tell you, take it easy. It’s no small matter if something happens. Don’t blame me for not waking you up! " Brother gan replied with a smile, thinking that it is worthy of being a marine with a gun and a gun.
"Ha ha, don’t worry. Although the guns are real, they are all loaded. I haven’t been so guilty as to point a gun at ordinary people. In that case, it is estimated that the master can shoot me!" Ke Yong came to Brother Gan with a smile and whispered in his ear that he was proud of his wisdom.
"Ha ha, I knew you would come to this trick! It’s not that I said that your third brother should also take care of your soldiers. You see how rampant it is. After drunk driving and running a red light, it’s not counted. It’s even a slap in the face, but it’s finally embarrassing. You see how you can be a soldier! " Dry elder brother disdain glanced at the same as hiding in the police car and dare not come out. The officer of Erhuowei suggested.
"The little boy told me that he was attacked by some unruly people. What the hell is going on?" Ke Yong asked doubtfully, although he didn’t quite believe what the second-rate commandant said, he still believed it, because in his eyes, a soldier would not lie even if he was in fall in price. If it was wartime, he would lie about his military situation, but he would go to a military court!
"Ha ha he was attacked by unruly? My third brother, you’re still a battalion chief. You believe that, too. See how many unruly people this is? ! Does he have such a big treatment? " Brother Gan sneered, pointing to the onlookers and said, Grandma, if these five or six hundred onlookers are unruly, then his commandant officer must not be a good bird!
"What’s going on? What do I think Qin Shu is here … "Keyong looked in the direction of dry elder brother’s fingers and just saw Qin Zhonghao talking on the front hood of a police car.
"This is five or six hundred onlookers but also smashed the military vehicles. Can you say that he is the public security bureau chief? Besides, your soldier’s arrogance is rooted in traffic police management! If he doesn’t come, I’m afraid it won’t be long before the people can beat your soldier! " Dry elder brother of course replied
"mom! See how to deal with him later! I really think of myself as a corner! " Ke Yong cursed that he couldn’t wait to shoot the second-rate commandant officer now, because when he looked up at the people, they didn’t cast awe eyes, but despised them. It seems that he himself was exposed to the second-rate officer, otherwise he wouldn’t be treated coldly.
"You’d better calm down and deal with it properly. Third brother, the people are watching. If you really shoot him, you are cool, but the influence is not good …" Dry elder brother advised him to shoot him. If he could solve the problem, he would have killed ya himself.
"Director, director, look at the army coming …" At this time, the middle-aged traffic police have been tugging at the front to calm the onlookers’ emotions. Qin Zhonghao woke up and pointed to the armed 30 special soldiers wearing camouflage.
"All right, I know!" Qin Zhonghao replied in a small way, and then advised to the megaphone, "Let’s calm down. The leaders of the army will deal with the officer who violated the military regulations. I’ll go over and discuss with them and I’ll give you a statement. I will!" Qin Zhonghao finished jumping from the front cover of the police car to the special forces.
"Where is your head?" Come to the commando Qin Zhonghao gave a military-like salute and asked.
"Report chief! Our captain is understanding the situation over there! " Led the captain at Qin Zhonghao title immediately back to a gift replied.
Qin Zhonghao turned to see if it wasn’t Ke Yong, and it was at this time that he breathed a sigh of relief. Since he was an acquaintance, it would be much easier. He also knew that Ke Yong, if he changed to a strange officer and was a calf protector, would be difficult. Not only could he not solve the problem, but he might have to cause a military-police conflict. At that time, it would be a big deal, so he quickly greeted him and shouted with a smile, "Haha, it turned out to be your little Ke Yong, and that would be much easier …"
"Ah, Qin Shu, I’m sorry to bother you, and these armed police brothers are all the things that are not long-sighted …" Ke Yong apologized when he saw Qin Zhonghao coming.
"I said that you two should do it. Don’t push it around and be polite. Now the most important thing is to solve the problem quickly and persuade the people to go. I tell you, this has been blocked for more than an hour. If you block it like this, you will come again. No more armed police will carry it and no more cattle will be fired!" Dry elder brother see KeYong and Qin Zhonghao two people should be polite to wake up immediately
"It makes sense for Qin Shuxiao to say that since it is a local matter, it is up to you to make decisions and our troops will cooperate. How to punish me?" Ke Yongxian said that if it were someone else, maybe he would really protect the calf and fight for it. Even if the idiot made a mistake, it would not be up to the local authorities. Even if he was shot, the troops would have to solve it themselves. But this is Qin Zhonghao’s own fault.