"What is your brother? That’s my brother! Ok, I won’t tell you, dear. I’ll miss you when I talk to you later … "Bai Zhongling said angrily and hung up.

Ouyang Cheng listened to the words and smiled blindly, thinking that Bai Zhongling should graduate quickly. After graduation, he immediately took her over. This long-distance relationship tortured people and thought about putting the mobile phone in his pocket. I still had to hurry to think about how to please my big uncle. When my big uncle finished, it was my turn.
It hasn’t been a minute since the mobile phone was put in my pocket when it rang again. Ouyang Cheng took out his mobile phone and saw that it was the dry brother number. He quickly answered the call and said, "What’s the dry brother?"
"What is it? What’s wrong with you just now? I called you earlier. Your mobile phone has been on the phone … "Brother Gan criticised me for not wanting to do it, and I guessed that Ouyang Cheng is in love now. I must talk to Bai Zhongling that girl about love.
"Hey, hey, don’t you know this? Women are annoying me. How long has it just come back? They have been pestering me not to let me hang up …" Ouyang Cheng smiled and pretended to be a man, pushing everything to Bai Zhongling.
"You give me a line! I don’t know you yet! You can’t bear to let others depend on you! " Dry elder brother left the pie mouth scold a way ya is quite good at saying Chapter 41 Take over the richest man.
Take over the millionaire!
"Hey hey, or do you know what I’m doing?" After being exposed by the dry elder brother, Ouyang Cheng smiled and frankly said that he also had nothing to hide in front of his dry elder brother.
"Things for a while, anyway, you won’t be able to catch up tonight. How about your big jiu reception? Are there any scenes between Brother Bai and Xiao Mei? " Brother Gan didn’t answer and asked Bai Zhongwu how to say it. He was also a member of the Loyalty Hall. A few days ago, he promised to find him a daughter-in-law’s ideal object, and Xiao Mei didn’t expect the two of them to pour out the matchmaker and talk about themselves directly.
"Ok, look at them. It shouldn’t be a big problem. Don’t look at Bai Ge’s sulking at ordinary times. I saw Xiao Mei’s little girl suddenly enlivened. That guy’s enthusiasm is very anxious to hold Xiao Mei in his hand. Xiao Mei’s little girl also has feelings for him …" Ouyang Cheng reported to Gan Ge that according to his observation, both of them have a good impression on each other, which is that they haven’t pierced the window paper yet.
"That’s good. I can tell you that Brother Cheng and Brother Bai are not only your personal affairs to please your big uncle, but also our loyalty hall. He has joined our loyalty hall. Then his lifelong event is our loyalty hall. You give me a snack and try to solve it for me as soon as possible …" Brother Gan ordered that every brother should have a good life. It was his slogan that he never forgot!
"yes! Brother gan! You can rest assured that I promise to finish! " Ouyang vowed to say goodbye without saying that Bai Zhongwu was his big uncle, and he had to fight for his life to fix it! He blew cow 13 in front of Bai Zhongling. If he can’t finish it, Bai Zhongling can’t get by himself!
"Well … I’ll tell you something. I’m here in the plain now. I just negotiated a deal. Last night, I collected the richest man. You brought a lawyer to talk about a contract …" After solving the Bai Zhongwu thing, I talked about the business. Since I promised the family, I can’t keep dragging it.
"ah? ! Take the richest man? You’re too secretive, brother! I have long paid attention to that hotel. If we want to grow and develop in the plain, our loyalty hall must have a platform as big as the richest man. I just want to discuss with you and try to get in touch with them. I didn’t expect you to get things done … "Ouyang Cheng replied excitedly when he heard that the richest man had been accepted by the dry elder brother.
"Ha ha you and I are gloves white Wolf! Excited like this, I tell you that it’s not for nothing to buy 60% of the shares of the richest man for 20 million, and the remaining 40% belongs to Wu Changxian, the original boss of the richest man, but after he plans to let go, he will be rewarded by our loyalty hall … "Brother Gan said with a smile that Ya was excited as if he had married a daughter-in-law.
"Twenty million to buy sixty percent of the shares. What’s the difference between my brother coming there and giving it away for nothing? I picked up a bargain! Don’t worry, I’ll take people there in the morning and get the contract formalities done as soon as possible … "Although it cost twenty million, Ouyang Cheng knows that the market value of one hundred million shares of a very rich man is not really equivalent to giving them away.
"You’re right. It’s mainly to meet them. Mr. Wu is also a frank person who trusts our loyalty hall. Even the 20 million don’t want it. If I force others to be worthy of us, we can’t let others suffer too much. It’s this principle that we don’t have to let him eat if we want to suffer, but whoever wants to make a profit must let him suffer!" Dry elder brother explained in detail
"The elder brother of the dry I really have you dry elder brother! I prepared the contract early in the morning and then rushed there. This is a big event in our loyalty hall … By the way, how did you go to the plain? It won’t be a special thing, will it? " Ouyang Chengpei said
"Not plain side za a little brother killed a corrupt official and then was caught in the number I come to deal with a that little guy just 16 years old can’t be a juvenile delinquent in jail! The child is very pitiful. He has been an orphan since he was a child or my hometown! " Brother Gan probably explained why he came to the plain.
"Turns out to be such a thing to deal with what happened to the elder brother? Has our little brother come out? " Ouyang sincerely asked
"It’s not a big deal. I called the public security bureau chief on this side of the plain, and the prison also went to see the walk-away program. It is estimated that coming out after a while belongs to excessive defense …"
"Excessive defense? Is there anyone in the plain who bullies our loyalty hall brothers? Which school is too crazy! " Ouyang cheng a listen to or at a defensive disadvantage hurriedly asked.
"It’s not that our loyalty brothers were bullied, it’s that our loyalty family members were bullied, or that Uncle Zhang’s daughter Xiaoxiu was almost violated by the deputy director of the Education Bureau of Dog Day, and our little brother just got rid of the yin stick!" Dry elder brother corrected
"Grandma a bear! The director of education violated female students? This fucking education director should be fucking late! Our little brother did the right thing! It’ s a fucking thing! " OuYangCheng a listen to flustered scold a way
"Ha ha and year is almost the same as that old guy, whose whole body was stabbed by him. You can’t see if there are any guys! Finally, I lost too much blood and it was so hard that it hurt! But fortunately Xiaoxiu was drunk and didn’t get hurt! " Brother Gan remembered Li Hushan’s account of the tragic situation at the time of the crime and answered with a smile.
"Ha ha! Ok! Ok! Not the kui is our loyalty hall! I like it! " Ouyang Cheng laughed and said that he couldn’t wait to make up a few knives at that time.
"Don’t tell Zhang Shu about this. Pay attention to what you say when you are young. Don’t spill the beans. Now Xiaoxiu is busy reviewing for the college entrance examination. Tell Zhang Shu that he must not stay in the harbor …" See Ouyang Cheng so excited and dry elder brother hurriedly told him.
"Well, don’t worry, brother. I know that. I still know …" OuYangCheng nodded and replied.
"Come on, let’s talk about the specific thing in detail tonight when you come over …" Brother Gan finally spoke to Ouyang Cheng and hung up. The two gentlemen have been talking for almost half an hour. They can’t talk like women. People are still gay!
At ten o’clock the next morning, Ouyang Cheng arrived at the plain with his people. Brother Gan took him to the Dafuhao Hotel, signed a contract with Wu Changxian, and then had lunch together to celebrate. Then he discussed the matter of taking over the Dafuhao Hotel with a loyalty hall. It was said that taking over actually meant that Wu Changxian joined the loyalty hall, but he didn’t put people into it. Since he was a member of the loyalty hall, of course, he actively cooperated. Besides, he was not stupid. If he didn’t know the loyalty hall for a long time, he wouldn’t have made such an impulsive decision. He firmly believed in
"Hushan now the richest thing is also on the agenda, so you have to get busy. Try to take over the richest thing as soon as possible and enter the normal operation. You and Mr. Wu will discuss the specific things. It is not estimated that the problem of two dog will be released in a few days. I said hello to the public security bureau over there. The prison estimates that the rabbit cub will soon become a prison tyrant. Don’t worry! I’ll go back to the harbor with Brother Cheng for a while, and there are many things there … "After handling the richest thing, Brother Gan told Li Hushan.
"Don’t worry, brother, I’ll take care of what’s not white, and then I’ll ask you for instructions … Then why don’t you go home and see brother?" Li Hushan woke up and said
"Ha ha, don’t go, just ask your brothers to pay more attention. Anyway, there’s nothing at home. When I go back, they have to be busy again …" Brother Gan smiled and replied that the road flyover grew more and more lonely. Although he was homesick, he was afraid to go home. He was at this stage.
"That you trust dry elder brother! There are brothers over there, uncle and aunt. There will never be any mistakes! " Li Hushan promised that Li Hushan had sent his brothers to protect his parents remotely since the loyalty hall was stationed in the plain city.
"Ok, let’s go. You are busy. If the woman who came yesterday comes to see me again, tell her that I have returned to the harbor …" Brother Gan finally told me.
"Hey hey, I know that you can rest assured that I will tell my sister-in-law!" Li Hushan hey hey smile teasing way
"What little sister-in-law? I’m telling you, Hushan, don’t talk nonsense to me. Do you know who that girl is? Her father is a municipal party committee member and her grandfather is a former governor! Don’t blame me if something happens to you again! " Dry elder brother stared Li Hushan that small one eye criticise way
"ah? ! Dad is the municipal party Committee and grandpa is the governor? ! This is amazing! The gentleman who came yesterday? " Li Hushan was really surprised when he heard this, and immediately inquired.
"Ha ha, you are the master! He is the governor who hurts people and is now retired … "Brother Gan smiled and replied that he didn’t want to give you some information. You don’t know much!
"My mother, why didn’t you say so earlier? Brother Gan, today I accompanied the governor to chat for a long time. Master Dashan has been happy there. I am still an ordinary old man!" Li Hushan was shocked that he had never communicated with such a big official. I didn’t expect to talk to the governor for a long time yesterday. 13 people haven’t exposed him yet!
"Just think of him as an ordinary old man. Anyway, he has already retired!" Dry elder brother said with a smile and then started the car and shook the window and rushed out, followed by Ouyang Cheng, who smiled and sounded the flute at Li Hushan and drove out of Chapter 411 to disturb the army and shoot you!
Disturb the army and shoot you!
"I’d like to regard him as an ordinary old man, but is that possible? You told me earlier. Now it’s better not to tell yourself. That way, you can feel at ease. But don’t say that big cadres are much smaller than those small section chiefs and small directors …" Looking at speeding away to Audi q7 and Land Rover Li Hushan muttered, he unconsciously lost an opportunity to have a good communication with the governor. At the beginning, he got a dry brother order, that is, he held the mind to send the old man away from loneliness and talk about mountains. Where did he say anything serious?
Brother Gan and Ouyang Cheng drove in tandem to the harbor four hours later and entered the harbor city at high speed. At this time, Brother Gan’s cell phone rang. Brother Gan took out a look and saw that it was Ouyang Cheng who had something to discuss, so he turned on the way, "Hey, Brother Cheng, what’s up?"
"Elder brother, where are you going? Are you going to Master Biao or the special training base? " Ouyang cheng asked, wearing headphones while driving.
"Go to the special training base. I haven’t been there for a few days. I just stopped by to see Bai Ge and ask him how things are going with Xiao Mei …" Brother Gan thought for a few seconds and replied that Bai Zhongwu invited himself, so he couldn’t ignore it.
"Hey, hey, that’s a good job. I’ll follow you for a while, but you have to wait for me to send them back to the company first …" Ouyang Cheng said with a smile that he had just given Bai Zhongling a written pledge to fulfill a military order last night. You can’t forget it today. He has to rush ahead when it comes to Bai Zhongwu, a big uncle.
"Go to the company to see Xiao Mei and ask my girl what she thinks. Maybe Bai Ge is now in the company! After all, there are people in it who miss him! " Brother Gan said with a smile and hung up, while Ouyang Cheng randomly changed lanes and led the way in front of Brother Gan.
Gange Nai smiled and thought, Don’t you always know the way? Let’s take it yourself. Anyway, it’s nothing important for Gange. I was thinking about it. Suddenly I found a Toyota car driving normally in front of me. Land Rover hit me and saw Ouyang Cheng quickly turn around to prevent himself from being hit by the side, but it was too late to hit the headlight on the right side of the car. Gange quickly stepped on the brake car to check it out, and Ouyang Cheng also came out of the Land Rover car. Because of the airbag, people were not hurt.
Brother Gan looked at it carefully, and his mother could draw a line without even asking the traffic police. This is a crossroads. Ouyang Cheng and himself are in a green light from west to east, and they are driving normally, while the Toyota car is running red from south to north, because the red light is still on in that direction. There is a long queue of cars behind.