"Back to the border, of course," said Feng Yang naturally.

"You finally escaped from the border and you have to go back to die?" Liu Dongdong watched in dismay as the wind blew.
"It is estimated that most of those Warcraft have gone to major towns, and there are still so many bodies of Warcraft and human bodies on the border. Don’t you think that is a huge wealth?" The wind smiles, but with this sentence, people can see that it is difficult to hide the unspeakable evil.
"But we don’t go to his town to save people? You just told Wu Hongxue." County Yao looked at Feng Yang in consternation.
"I don’t want to help myself to clean up the basket, but it’s not bad to get some high-order Wushu from us. There are a large number of mercenary groups and guards in major cities and towns to guard against saving people." Feng Yang is not a fool to attack the Gulai Empire in such a large number of Warcraft. It is absolutely impossible that these Warcraft are full and go looking for trouble. There must be something fishy.
"Feng Yang, I was wrong about you. So you are such a person. Now how many young and beautiful girls are in dire straits when Warcraft attacks Gulai Empire? Do you know that a mature, steady and culvert man told me to abandon them?" Liu Dongdong said with indignation.
"Smelly shameless" Ling Wei and the county Yao body said that Liu Dongdong, who was indignant, was suddenly frustrated
"Then you go to save the girl and I’ll save the beast Yuan Dan." Feng Yang said, "I won’t stop going into the tunnel.
"A good beast Yuan Dan shares equally" Liu Dongdong stands stand hand full face nai said that if it weren’t for his stunning face, which makes men chicken and women jealous, I’m afraid this virtue would make people can’t help but rush to beat him up, but it looks so amorous with him. There are all kinds of amorous feelings.
Hand-written novels
Chapter two hundred and eleven Border raids
Welcome you to come.
As Fengyang said, at this time, the border Warcraft has gone, and there are dozens of Warcraft wandering in two mountains. However, it is not a problem for Fengyang, a natural detector with amazing soul force, to avoid these Warcraft.
Entering the Undead Canyon, it is striking that the bodies of soldiers and Warcraft are everywhere. Some beasts, Yuan Dan, have rolled out of Warcraft, but there is no living Warcraft.
This scene makes one reluctant to come back. Both Ling Wei and County Yao shine at the moment like seeing handsome guys. Two women are holding their chests with both hands and a face of obsession, as if they had looked exactly the same when watching Feng Yang and Hua Tian.
Now the two goddesses pay close attention to the beast Yuan Dan and put Feng Yang and Hua Tian behind them for a while, making Feng Yang and Hua Tian feel that women’s feelings are really unreliable.
The wind can’t help but send out a lot of feelings. No matter how beautiful the love reality is, it’s as fragile as a girl’s film before the temptation.
A group of people swept away the fallen leaves in the autumn wind, sweeping the undead valley, the beast Yuan Dan, the animal skins, animal bones and other materials. These are important materials for making clothes and weapons, and they are also a lot of wealth.
After sweeping through the Undead Canyon, the Beast Yuan Dan has gained a lot. Six-level Beast Yuan Dan, one five-level Beast Yuan Dan and ten four-level Beast Yuan Dan have a lot of materials.
The original was also extremely angry because the wind was blowing and there was no chivalry in throwing Qian Qian’s ten million beautiful girls into hot water regardless. Now Liu Dongdong will also wait for him to comfort the beautiful girl. What beauty has gone out of the cloud? What glistening ass is a floating cloud or a beast? Yuan Dan is smooth, tender and feels.
"Stop dawdling and go outside the wall where there are many bodies of Warcraft." Liu Dongdong can’t wait any longer.
Several people swept all the way from the valley of the dead to the outside of the city wall and from the outside of the city wall to the mountains.
However, people with the same ideas and courage as Feng Yang seem to have encountered many strokes in the mountains, and several people who came to sweep the beast Yuan Dan tacitly searched for themselves and did not make moves to each other.
Now there are corpses of Warcraft all over the ground, and the yield of beast Yuan Dan is very high. Who can pick up beast Yuan Dan without danger and rob others when the waves are not needed?
Because many Jianghu people died in the hands of Warcraft, they left many rings, which is also a lot of wealth, including martial arts and other things
The next day, when the wind blows, I will leave.
"There are still many things left here. Are you sick in such a hurry?" Dissatisfied with leaving Liu Dongdong or dissatisfied with him when he comes, he is extremely dissatisfied with Feng Yang.
"There must be a lot of people who have realized the wealth here and haven’t you found that there are more and more searchers? Therefore, it is not necessary for us to stay. When there are many people, it will cause fighting and competition. "Feng Yang explained.
Fengyang has long anticipated this situation. After all, many people have escaped from the border, and all practitioners in Gulai Empire know that Warcraft has invaded and a large number of Jianghu people have come to the border to participate in defensive warfare.
Those people may not react for a while, but it is not difficult to think that a large number of practitioners will come to look for reserved things today, and it will be difficult to compete when there is not enough.
"It’s still the wind that raises elder brother Cong, and you are the chest and brain." Ling Wei disdained to say to Liu Dongdong.
"Where is your sister’s chest big?" Liu Dongdong is heartbroken now. Since he met Feng Yang and Hua Tian, he has found himself devastated. He used to be passionate about himself. Now the two school sisters either despise themselves or attack them personally, which makes Liu Dongdong cry at the border and can’t help but sing a song. Since he has been with him, the world has become so bitter.
As Feng Yang expected, they just left the border and found that hordes of Jianghu people kept coming from all directions, all of whom were anxious to kill the border.
I didn’t see them so fierce when I resisted Warcraft yesterday, but they all played several times their fighting capacity, which made people really have to admire the interests and lure them to stimulate human potential.
Fengyang and others are going from the official road to the distant town. This road is Wu Hongxue’s failure to send people. It was originally reserved for Fengyang five people, but Fengyang’s action was only one day late.
The attack of Warcraft on Gulai Empire has lasted for a day and a night, and nearby major towns have been attacked by different numbers of Warcraft. Every town is at war, and even if mercenaries and guards in major towns desperately resist the attack of Warcraft, they still suffer heavy casualties.
Some big cities have many strong masters and mercenaries, and the city guards are also quite strong. Instead of letting Warcraft break into the city, it will beat back Warcraft.
However, some remote towns are weak in defense due to the lack of experts in sitting in the town and the development of mercenaries in the town. Whether ordinary people, guards or mercenaries are slaughtered, they are trampled by Warcraft and directly destroyed into ruins.
In this way, the near-slaughter attack continues, and all the nearby towns have been attacked by Warcraft, some of them have been destroyed, and some of them are still struggling to support the wind. Realizing this problem, they chose not to choose nearby cities but to go to distant towns.
Several people rushed to Fengxian town with flying skills. After three or four hours’ journey, they finally saw the outline of Fengxian town.
However, seeing that there are still many Warcraft entrenched in Fengxian Town or crawling on some towers, it is obvious that even Fengxian Town, which is far away, has been attacked by Warcraft at this time.
"You let me go" A girl outside Fengxian Town was caught by three big men and struggled hard. Her beautiful face was full of anger and indignation.
"The mayor has ordered that you must be taken away." The first middle-aged man looked determined and was not moved by the girl’s look. He said to the three big men who lived behind the girl, "Take it away."
"Yes," the three big men nodded and tried to leave with the girl.
However, at this time, things changed suddenly.
A five-level blood leopard of Warcraft flies like a high wind, and its huge size flies on the land like a laser shadow lifting dust, like a long dragon blocking a few people in an instant, and those blood-red eyes staring at them like greedy eyes looking at their prey.