Since there is no way to find a specific answer on the internet, the students set their sights on the teachers. What happened in these two days is obvious to all, and teachers should be able to ask some superficial questions.

At the same time, many reporters gathered at the school gate, all of whom came to interview Ye You, but unfortunately they didn’t meet Zhang Fulin.
But reporters are very cunning. Since we can’t go to school, can’t we wait? Who wouldn’t wait for him? Even if they couldn’t wait for Ye Yu, they would have taken photos that day, and then just ask a few classmates to know their real names.
So there was a spectacular scene after school, and reporters stopped the students leaving school and asked them one after another.
After the students identified the photo as Ye Yan, even if it was too dark, everyone could see it clearly. Then they learned that Ye Yan did not come to school, and the reporters were not in a hurry to leave.
You have to interview Ye Yan sooner or later, and then you should collect the opinions of the masses on Ye Yan, so that it is topical.
The students were shocked, but they were also a little flustered. Facing the reporter’s question, they seemed a little embarrassed. Students knew that they would give in for a while, and most of them just poked out everything about Ye Yan.
What school anniversary rehearsal, school anniversary, gossip
The reporters have earned the theme they want. I didn’t expect this teenager to have so many topics. They were most afraid of meeting students with different characteristics, so there would be no exploration and topics. Ye Yan didn’t let them down. He was full of topics.
On the evening of the same day, various kinds of exclusive news broke out on the Internet.
"The exclusive secret of young doctors is actually a mathematical genius! 》
"I have to watch and like bad dramas. He actually saved the school! 》
Young doctor development plan! 》
The title is how grandiose, how to come, how not to ask for more, how to have more skills, just to have gimmicks. The core of the network is that this matter has squeezed out all kinds of star concerts.
At that time, Ye Yu’s name appeared in the eyes of thousands of people. He was online celebrity, which was really unfair to him.
Where is the limelight in its heyday? online celebrity is incompetent!
In the information age, whether you are a rich second generation or a poor * * silk, everyone can enjoy the same basic information. Take a look at the forum in Weibo. The sudden rise of the young doctor in Jiangcheng virus incident is overwhelming.
If a doctor who is over 60 years old does such a thing, there may not be much sensation, but after all, Ye Yan is underage and just meets the identity of a young hero.
Yanjing city, all the big shots have seen the online reports. Some people scoff at it, but it’s just speculation. Of course, some people are very serious and hate it.
Since the news reported that there was a large-scale rare virus in Jiangcheng two days ago, Xue Nai’s first thought was Zhang Ningtian.
There is a plague, and there is such a means to make thousands of people sick in just half a day, which makes Xue Nai more certain that Zhang Ning Tianjiangcheng is angry and knows that this must be a trick in Xue Chengde.
Just think about it and you can know how much negative energy this situation will produce. Xue Nai’s heart is even more uneasy.
He does have a lot of means to collect negative energy, but after all, he has to take care of many demons and brave people around him, and his ability to summon brave demons is very strange. The energy required for upgrading is huge, even if he collects 2 thousand negative energy every day, it is not enough.
This makes Xue Nai jealous of Zhang Ning Day, and at the same time, he can’t wait to get the demon king’s heart. Where is Jiangcheng? How many people are there in Yanjing City? But there are ten million people who can play a stronger role in the plague.
Followed by news reports that the virus has been contained, Xue Nai first wondered if there was purification in his knowledge that could crack the plague, but Jiang Ying couldn’t have such a thing around him.
The actual purification can solve the plague in a very short time, while self-recovery takes a long time. Unfortunately, Chennai knows it too late.
Then the network broke the news that Xue Nai knew that this was Ye Yu’s participation, and he was far more angry than he thought that once the little ants in his eyes had grown to such a point that he secretly hated himself for being too soft-hearted and should not worry about Mei Yueshan’s feelings.
However, Xue Nai also has the mentality of sitting quietly and watching Zhang Ning and Ye Yu struggle, and he will slowly expand his strength in Yanjing and then break them in one fell swoop.
Yan Qi came in at the office door and said, "Master, this is the list of all the suspected brave demons in Yanjing City. There are 42 people in total who are sure to be the demons, and there are 20 brave people left."
"No, there aren’t so many waves now. The exclusion method forces them to show up, but we must first find out their ability and stay, and those who don’t can be disposed of casually."
"Do you want to act tonight?"
"Tonight, you will verify the results, and you must have no one to fight me to collect some energy. I want to be a seven-star brave man in five days!"
"Young master, what should we do to harass our brave man these days?"
"Try not to clash with her. The brave Rapier is very strong. Wait until I am strong enough to find her trouble!"
Chapter 34 Wake up
The twelfth lunar month will come and the New Year will come!
After two days and hours, the sleepy girl finally opened her eyes.
It’s already the third day of a new life. Two days ago, Ke Ge and Lu Mi kept close to each other in the bedroom. Both of them are not flexible and active on weekdays. It also passes quickly when girls look at the scenery or chat in a daze.
Sometimes Liu Zhou talks too much about the situation and often walks to the side of * * and looks at * * the two teenagers are as quiet as dead wood, which is still a nice statement. Liu Zhou thinks that Ye Zhou is not much different from a dead pig in his heart.
The girl’s silver hair has gradually faded away, and half of her hair roots are completely black. Only the ends of her hair are still white, which looks very strange and old and dry. Her skin has unconsciously returned to normal, and her skin is white and red!
* * The so-called two people eat and drink every day with expensive nutrient solution to maintain their body functions. It seems to ordinary people that these are two vegetarians, but who has ever seen a vegetative person holding hands really never forgets to show love?
It’s not bad for the Korean family to treat Ye You. Of course, the deeper reason is that I love my dog. If I didn’t lie next to my little girl, I’m afraid that housekeeper Li wouldn’t visit the situation on time every half hour.
For Lu Mi and Ke Ge, the two Han families who eat rice for nothing, they are also very happy. They are free to move around the villa, prepare three meals every day, and have servants to deliver refreshments at noon and night. The living standard has risen a lot.
There are two main reasons why Xiao Qiao is unwilling to learn in every way. First, Ye You is still in a coma and Qi Bai is missing. Although Ke Ge and Lu Wei tried their best to comfort her, it is difficult to eliminate Xiao Qiao’s anxiety.
Moreover, I don’t know. Maybe it was a man of heart who found out his family knew that Ye Yu had a sister named Ye Qiao, and even Xiao Qiao’s school and class were found out
Recently, the reporters couldn’t find the news of Ye Yu, but it was difficult to guarantee where a sensational event would happen in the era of information explosion. They finally hoped for a sensational national event in Jiangcheng and also led to a controversial young hero.
This is the best opportunity given to them by heaven. Before the internet trend dissipates, Ye Yi must be launched as soon as possible. The more information, the more eye-catching the better.
Since you can’t find Ye Yu, you can always get something from finding his sister.
So many reporters focused on Xiao Qiao. If Qian Jiawei hadn’t informed the police and got Mu Tianhuan’s permission to protect Xiao Qiao, God knows how many trivial things my little girl has to face recently.
The reporters can’t ask Ye Yaoluo everything. Seeing Xiao Qiao’s clear water and pure hibiscus, they are not stingy with compliments. They took some photos and posted them on the Internet. This is Ye Yaoluo’s sister.
Heroes are always controversial, whether they are good or bad, but beautiful women are different. People always have no resistance to beautiful things, especially this cute little girl, who is temporarily crazy about Xiao Qiao’s photos on the Internet and has a online celebrity trend.
Well, these media finally grasped the bottom line and didn’t harass Xiao Qiao any more. After all, they also know that it is better to let the police protect people personally or not to offend them. Enough is the greatest wisdom.
In this case, no one can say that he is immune. Two and a half days passed.
Today, Lu Mi finally can’t stay. It’s time not to bicker with Ke Ge. It’s mainly because Xiao Qiao chose to go to school. Ke Ge still calls staying in the villa. Anyway, the courses at school are not important to her.
Three minutes ago, I was probably sitting in the room for too long. Kege was a little tired and looked at it. She was still in a coma. Ye Yu planned to go out for a walk a little, and it didn’t waste the beautiful scenery of Orchid Garden.
After Kege went out, housekeeper Li came in to have a look at the situation. The good news is that the girl’s silver hair has faded into a white hair with her hair behind her head. It is estimated that she will wake up when the white hair fades.
There was no accident, so the housekeeper left without letting outsiders disturb her.
Less than 30 seconds after the housekeeper left, the girl with black hair, red lips and white teeth gently shook her curved eyelashes, humming a soft and feminine sound, and her eyelids finally opened after three attempts.
As the sunshine in the room remained dim, the girl was not too strongly stimulated, but her eyes narrowed slightly and her pupils gradually got out of the state of absence. It seems that she has completely recovered her consciousness.
After the eyes were shining, the girl was not busy shouting and sweeping the surrounding environment to make sure that this was her bedroom, and her heart was about to relax and her body suddenly stiffened.
Was there someone lying beside you just now? The girl thought like this.
It seems that it was natural to stay’s property that he was terminally ill. In hindsight, he not only realized that there was a person lying beside him, but also held his hand in his small palm. Because it was too long, he didn’t loosen his palm. Although some blood was blocked, he could at least detect the other person’s temperature.
It’s so hot
Those hands shouldn’t be girls, right? There seems to be no other girl at home. Who’s lying next to you? Dad? Uncle Li? Brother Wan still feels terrible!
Swallowed your breath, body fluid, rough nerves and strong nerves. The girl turned her head decisively, and the left hand had clenched her fist, or she dared to make moves if something was wrong.
After seeing the people on the pillow, the girl first tightened her eyes, as if she had been fixed, followed by the girl’s charming body shaking for no reason, like a small carp twisted and chattered on the shore.
After struggling for a moment, the girl stopped quietly because she found that the man was sleeping with his eyes closed.
Although there are all kinds of doubts and confusion in my heart, since the man didn’t wake up and did nothing to himself, it’s fine, but all of them are lying on a * *, and I don’t know what happened, even if it’s just like a blank sheet of paper, she knows that it’s not a good thing for men and women to be gay.
The indecisive girl quietly curled up like a silkworm baby and looked sideways at the person next to her.
Dark Lord
The girl cried softly, her expression was low for no reason, and her mood suddenly became very uncomfortable. It seemed that she remembered something unpleasant. Why should he lie to herself?
Even if he likes Ke Xuejie, he doesn’t. But how can he deceive himself? It turned out that he deliberately planned the drama without knowing it, which made the girl feel very uncomfortable.
It is precisely because of the simple mind that many ordinary people think that it is not important and easy to get into a dead end.