Even throbbing clearly knows that it is your own demons, but it is still in my heart that I can’t help but feel a faint pain brushing my heart. My eyes are a little red. Looking at the two’ brothers’ ghosts, I have some shortness of breath and raise my hand. You can stop here. "

The faint green fire blew up the two ghosts’ 7 bleeding’ in an instant.
"All right, I’m in the temple of demons. I’ve learned that it’s all demons." Willy kicked the throne and shouted, "Let me leave."
However, there is nothing to keep him away from the movement. It is those kings of all ethnic groups who have been driven away by throb who have bowed down in fear and cried, "Where are you going, Emperor?" Don’t you want us? "
Sula Wong cried and bowed down and begged, "The Great Emperor, please don’t leave us. The Little Deer wants you to fight around and make you the only emperor in all worlds."
"Great Emperor, please don’t go. We will help you meet all your wishes."
"That’s enough, that’s enough, that’s all fake." Willy exploded and yelled, and the whole body was ghostly and turned into a series of black pythons that strangled at those’ kings’. As soon as the black pythons touched them one by one, Hwa-Sung Do’s statues burst and dispersed in the air and disappeared.
When all the’ kings’ were exterminated, throb still stayed in this quaint and majestic hall, without any sign of departure or the appearance of the array class. He froze on the spot, and he had seen through the demons and couldn’t go out? Is it necessary to smash this hall?
Do what you say, do what you do, do what you do, and urge the ghosts to summon ghosts, servants, ghosts and tigers to destroy everything that can be destroyed in this demon temple. I don’t know how long it will take before this magnificent demon temple is almost torn down
Then throb was shocked. Not only was the temple of demons torn down, but it returned to a state of intact damage in an instant, that is, it was eliminated.’ Ding Wanyan’ All other kings appeared again. Not only that, but the ghosts of hell and the tide of dead mountains and blood reappeared one by one.
Gawking at all this, ray was puzzled to get rid of this illusion, and his nervousness and anxiety almost went crazy, but soon it was all over again, as if the never-ending nightmare had somehow waved himself away and freed himself from it.
"Your heart is too messed up. You have too many * *" A familiar and unfamiliar voice suddenly sounded in throb’s ears, and it was like thunder that shook him violently from soul to body.
"Who is it?" Lei Dong looked around with scarlet eyes and shouted, "Who are you out?" That sounds like a rebuke.
"That’s enough, Yin evil spirit is a little devil cub. If it’s not because there’s really no way, I’m too lazy to help you, so that you will sink into the sea of dreams forever, exhausted and decayed." The sound rang in his ear again. "Do as I say, calm down, you’re in a mess. * * Too many demons are too powerful."
"Stop being angry?" How could it be him? How could he suddenly appear in his own demons illusion and help himself? Is this part of your own demons? I sneered, "I’m afraid I can’t even help myself if I don’t get angry with you?"
"I can’t hear you talking in an illusion, but I can see your expression right next to you. Don’t show disdain. I’m running out. You’re a pure mind. You follow me to meditate … just think of me as your demon, even if you try. Don’t you want to?" The sound of warning anger seems to be far away and ethereal, but it seems to ring in the ear, "Observing the Bodhisattva’s deep prajnaparamita for a long time …"
It is true that even if he is his own demon, he will not suffer. Anyway, he is already trapped in the demon world. Where can he suffer? Then he followed him word by word and read, "The relics are the same color … the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, mind, color and fragrance."
Going to throb again, the manic uneasiness seems to be slightly reduced, followed by the second time. "… sarira is that all laws are inseparable, immortal, unclean …"
With the refreshing method over and over again, the restless and anxious mood turned out to be really magical and calm. Regardless of the surrounding kings, such as pleading, the teacher elder sister, such as bitterness, brothers, such as lightly chastising throbbing, the face was calm and naturally there was no fluctuation, and the scarlet eyes gradually returned to the natural color.
Suddenly, there was a thunder, and it exploded from my ear. "Hey, class, miscellaneous, pizza, flowers, bang, thunder doesn’t wake up quickly!" Willy felt as if a golden flash destroyed several black gas in front of him.
Suddenly, when his eyes opened, he was shocked to see the surrounding environment clearly. Just now, the magnificent and heavy hall of demons was still in place at the moment, but the big difference was that the temple of demons was clean and tidy, although it was simple and heavy, but now it was in the same style as the temple of demons, but it was ancient to the extreme. Two of the magnificent columns had been broken and the rest was damaged. The left side had collapsed by a small half, while the right side of the temple wall seemed to have been blown out by some powerful magic.
Far through the hole, you can see that it is dark and there is no light and shadow coming in.
But these are not the most surprising things for throb. After all, he already knows that he has been inspired by the special effects of the temple of demons, and that demons are almost completely lost in hallucinations. There are many surprises, such as dozens of withered bodies lying in the corner from left to right, which is even worse than an ancient and oldest body. Even if it has been put away for thousands of years, almost a gust of wind can blow away the decay, which makes throb palpitations. Somehow, every body wall is carved with a sharp weapon, such as Li Feifan, who died in demons for the first time, or Wang Tao, who died in the seventh time.
Even if no one explains throb, they all know that all those people died in the temple of demons. Brothers of all major sects want to throb here and have a palpitation, but …
"If I didn’t help you, you would be just like them." A powerful voice just printed sounded beside throb’s ear, but when I looked around, I saw that Kongoji was sitting cross-legged and almost let throb. Some eyebrows were that his body injury was much more serious than the second meeting. He and Wu Peng struggled for a few days. Although the injury was heavy, he looked quite energetic. But at this time, although the young monk was hard-spoken, he was so weak that he could not look at it and knew that he was extremely seriously injured. If he was not treated quickly, he would probably die here.
"Little monk, did you save me to help you heal?" Willy eyes glanced at him and sneered, "It’s a good thing that Lei doesn’t like to owe people, especially a little bald donkey in Kongoji, and your injury is aggravated by Lei."
Willy’s eyes glanced around again, but he was seriously injured and sat cross-legged. Not far away, there was the same pale face that was closing his eyes and healing. A platform of ice clouds looked at the distance, and willy suddenly saw Dongfang Fu, who was sitting on the ground without saying a word. Zhao Ji of Tiandao League was lying on the ground without knowing what to do.
A few of them are cross-legged healing, but the rest are a little weird. Qi Feifei, Wu Peng and Xi Donglai are weird. They are covered in a circle of white light and stand not far away. Their faces show all kinds of strange expressions.
"Hum fart" quit anger, thunder, mind-clearing mantra, but his temper is still irritable and hot, and his mouth is insolent. "How long have you been in the illusion? It’s been * * * three months, and that little injury has already healed. It’s not to heal me but to let you kill … "
"Kill people?" "Kill who?"
"Kill me!"
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Chapter one hundred and sixty-two Xiaoyao Road
This, of course, is not that the young monk quit Chen to say that there is a distortion in the virtual space not far from the thunder. A young man with a natural and unrestrained robe and a folding fan appeared in front of everyone. He was impressively carefree. Wang Hui’s eyes were staring at the hands of Dongfang Fu and a surname of ice clouds. The folding fan shook and smiled. "It’s a pity that the two top leaders in the younger generation who are worthy of the magic way and the right way can even break my puppet with their hands. It’s a pity that you can tear it and seal me in."
When he spoke, Dongfang Fu and a platform of ice clouds were still meditating and healing, and there was no expression on his face, as if he had never taken his words to heart.
"Fart you," the young monk swore again. "What’s there to show off about that puppet that relies on your ancestors to control it?"
"Although you can show disdain for me," Wang Hui shook his folding fan with a natural and unrestrained look, "but the winner is the winner. It won’t be long before you will be seen by future generations like those dead corpses. With how talented and brilliant you are, most people will forget you after ten years, and you will still remember a few people after a hundred years."
"You seem to have forgotten me?" Willy after a little stupidly, although not too white, this carefree way Wang Hui did so, but he has somewhat white eyes from the dialogue. All this, including Dongfang Fu’s injury, is caused by this Wang Hui.
"You?" Wang Hui took a look at throb and couldn’t help laughing. "Although my puppet has been destroyed, why do you want to stop me? Yo, it seems that I’ve been promoted to the third floor of the foundation period. Gee, it’s amazing. "
Willy’s eyes narrowed and he looked at him with the same smile. "It’s amazing, but your puppet that sounds terrible has been destroyed. I don’t have much problem trying to kill you."
"Kill me? Haha, do you really want to kill me? " After Wang Hui leng stupidly, he laughed wildly for a long time before he gradually stopped looking at Jiechen’s way "Jiechen, is your brain broken by a puppet? Consumed the hard-earned strength to save this idiot? Even if you save Wu Peng, you are much better than him. Alas, it’s a pity that it’s funny. Is Wang Hui so vulnerable except that puppet? "
"Don’t be careless. Although I know you are strong, this Wang Hui is not weak." The sound of ice clouds on a platform flutters and appears in throb’s ears.
Willy looked at the pale face of an ice cloud and locked his eyebrows slightly and asked, "Is he better than you?"
"Fifty-fifty points. Although he is lower than me, he is quite spoiled by his ancestors." An Tai Bing Yun replied after a little thought.
Willfulness makes it clear that the meaning of an ice cloud is very simple. This Wang Hui is a real rich second generation. He will never be less vigilant against him. At the same time, he said to the ice cloud, "I am afraid that the young monk’s temper will not save me even if I die. This matter is that Lei will return your favor. If you meet again in the future, Lei will definitely destroy you."
"Same to you," came the cold voice of an ice cloud on a platform. "You also know that it’s only mutual benefit for me to let Jiechen save you."
"Hey hey, aren’t you afraid I’ll kill you after I get out? Do you know that you are in a state where it’s easy for Lei to kill you? "The throb sounds a little gloomy.
"Not long ago, the East told me that you were Ding Wanyan’s lover." An Tai Bing Yun replied directly without hesitation. "I didn’t believe you, but I did believe Ding Wanyan. Although she and I were sworn enemies for a year, I admired her very much. I believe that her temperament takes a fancy to men and it is not so unbearable. It is a pity that the Oriental fragrance is both yin and evil …"
Hum throb directly to an echo to express dissatisfaction with "you women are quite appreciate each other". Dongfang Fu Ken will inform a surname ice cloud about this matter, and obviously he also believes her very much. Otherwise, Dongfang Fu’s sex is definitely not so divinatory. Just now, Wang Hui joined forces with them and impressively destroyed a puppet of his peak fighting power, which also made him feel a little sweaty. It seems that several of the top sectarian peers are the most brilliant women this time.
Of course, it’s true that willy kills a platform of ice clouds, but it’s true that he is a man, but seeking revenge is one, one, two and two.
"Wake you up, a Wang Hui fan is called Xiaoyao Fan, but when his ancestors went to the late stage of then, things were warm for several years, the power was poor and he majored in Taiji Xiaoyao tactic, which came down in one continuous line from that ancestor’s Xiaoyao fan. He also has a Taiji figure, a defensive weapon armor, which seems to be the same. You should also pay attention to his valuable disposable symbols, but don’t worry too much about the second battle. He consumed a lot and estimated that there was nothing left." An Tai Bing Yun told Wang Hui’s treasures one by one like a treasure.
Listen to throb is sweat unceasingly, this guy is not a spirit device? Also a one-time consumption ofuda can let this guy see the eye consumption will certainly not be a low-grade goods. Ray is tempted to get serious. It seems that this will be a fierce battle
"Are you finished talking?" Wang Hui seems to be a little impatient, shaking his folding fan and frowning. "Although Wang really wants you to talk more before you die, it’s a pity that Wang never likes some enemies to turn over ice cloud at the end."
"Wang come and die, Lei Mou seems to be getting a little impatient." Willy raised his hand and put out his middle finger to tick his finger with a face of pride and disdain. Of course, Willy is not so arrogant. He knows that Wang Hui, an extremely noble and talented generation, is so humble and gentle in front of outsiders no matter how he usually hides it, but he is extremely proud in his bones. Especially look at this. Wang Hui doesn’t seem to have suffered anything, and he doesn’t seem to be only moderately qualified. He is almost from the bottom to climb step by step, but he is arrogant to people like them, which can make them control.
"You want to die, surnamed Lei". Wang Hui’s face became a little livid. A folding fan waved a few rays of sharp green light like claw marks, and it generally blew toward the willy.
Claw marks are extremely fast, even if they are ready to throb, they are almost caught in the whole body. A dazzling black ghost is escaping in a ghostly way, but it hisses. The green claw marks are drawn across the ground cast by unknown materials, but they are extremely solid. He is alive and hard to grasp several sharp marks a few feet deep, so powerful that it makes throb feel a twinge. If you slip the claw marks over yourself, even if you don’t die, it will definitely be a disabled situation.
When the heart is a few minutes, the mental attention will be raised to the extreme, and the posture will be uncertain. If there is a faint ghost in the black gas, it is difficult to tell which one is his true identity among the many ghosting images without looking carefully. At the same time, throbbing keeps pinching the method to summon the ghost guards one by one.
The first crit on the Ghost Guard made my mind feel happy when I was stunned. It turned out that there was a three-level peak crit on the Ghost Guard, and now it was already a four-level ghost guard. Presumably, when Willy put away the Ghost Guard for the last time, he crit the Ghost Guard, and it was on the verge of promotion. Plus, it is extremely rare that ghosts and ghosts have extraordinary qualifications and eat the most flesh and blood. Listen to Jie Chen and say that he seems to have been in the temple of demons for several months. Don’t underestimate this level, but his combat power can be promoted by a big margin.
But it’s a pity that the ice ghost guard and the ghost ghost guard are still in the third-level peak state. Guess the distance from promotion is not too much.
Three Ghosts, two or three peaks, one or four peaks, such amazing things make Wang Hui’s face become wonderful. Even a surname ice cloud and Dongfang Fu are all one leng. Dongfang Fu doesn’t know the real strength of willy, but when a surname ice cloud fights with willy, he takes out two, which makes the confidence in willy not too full. A surname ice cloud is more or less loose.
"It’s so small that I underestimated you." Wang Hui sneered again and again. "You’re hiding quite deeply. You are so arrogant. It’s a pity that you can destroy me with these three ghost guards?"