Zhang Tao’s true spirit has not been hindered, although it has not yet hatched, but it is very clear to the outside world. It can also feel that Zhang Tao and his father have a kind association with Zhang Tao to test it, and it has not resisted, which also allows Zhang Taoke to better help it hatch as soon as possible.

This is not to pull out the seedlings, but Zhang Tao once again repeats the changes in the mother’s body, which makes it stronger. You know, it can be done. Now Zhang Tao is even the only one in the whole Dongyue continent
At the same time, Zhang Hua’s words in the awe-inspiring institution of higher learning caused a drama after Xuan Ran * *. No one opposed Ba He and Zhou Long because Zhang Hua’s performance just now didn’t say that Zhang Hua was overreaching, but rather mean and agreed to Zhang Hua’s request.
Although many spectators have some complaints about how much they bully, others have not said much because Zhang Hua came out by himself.
"Zhang Huaxiong deserves to be the leader of a school. Indeed, he has the imposing manner to challenge the two of us alone." Zhou Long said that Yu Bahe was faint and said, "I will see if you are the second feather mountain" [
Zhang Hua’s face suddenly showed an ice wing behind Gujingbo. Seeing this scene, Zhou Long and Ba River launched an attack on the "gas field" almost at the same time. This move was not the peak sage’s understanding field, but Ba River formed its own gas into a huge circular gas cover, so that Zhang Huafa made the ice wing behind it fly.
It’s almost impossible for people with ice wings to fly in the middle of the river, and it’s natural that Zhang Hua won’t get away with it easily. On this side, Zhou Long spins like a tornado, and the left hand stinger forms a sharp assault
Zhang Hua’s face remained unchanged, and he found that he did not choose to avoid flying, but gently extended "Water Curtain Tianhua!" Suddenly a semi-permeable curtain appeared.
A strong chill filled the whole field, and Ba River’s face changed. "Be careful." This chill is obviously abnormal. I am afraid that Zhou Long’s rash attack will be stopped instead.
But it’s too late. Zhou Long’s attack has been in contact with the water curtain. "Is it easy for you to break through the extreme cold of sunflower water?" It’s true that such an attack can penetrate the water curtain defense, but can you resist the same cold of sunflower water?
Like touching a hot flame, Zhou Long forcibly stopped his body from rotating, and the animals gave a piercing scream while pulling away and repelling them, and his face changed greatly.
On the other side, Bahe’s face sank, and his fists clenched together, "I’m so angry!" A strong fist burst out from it. Bang! Zhang Hua didn’t move, and the water curtain fluctuated greatly behind him, like a mountain melting into the sea, and several splashes were blown out, but such a blow still penetrated the water curtain and Tianhua’s defense.
"What?" He watched people are surprised to see the scene in front of him. Ba River and Zhou Long joined forces to strike unexpectedly to break Zhang Hua’s defense? This little water curtain?
Kwai Shui Jing crystal is so powerful that it is so powerful that Zhou Long’s pale animal actually died because of the attack. His master will naturally be implicated and hurt.
"You, you actually killed my animal?" Zhou Long’s mouth was bleeding, but the anger in his eyes was obvious. Zhang Hua’s tone was quite dull. "I was just defending myself in situ, but you attacked me crazily, killing you, not me, but you."
For such words, Zhou Longfa retorted, but Ba River roared and dispersed the field. Ba River’s eyes were full of rejections, and Zhang Hua turned to face Ba River, and Ba River also launched its own powerful attack at this moment.
Attacking the body and qi together is like a comet running through the heavens and the earth, but at this moment, wings suddenly appeared behind Zhang Hua and easily flew into the sky to hide from the Ba River attack.
His gas mixture finally fell into the enchantment, causing the enchantment to vibrate violently as if there had been a magnitude 10 earthquake. The innate peak strength can reach such a degree of destructive power. The Ba River attack is already comparable to that of Tianshi Zun. His gas is a very powerful move.
Breathing deeply, Bahe saw Zhang Hua’s eyes in the sky * * and now there was a little deep resistance. Zhang Huafa penetrated his defense, but Zhang Huafa hit him. The strength gap was quite obvious.
Zhang Hua suddenly grinned. "I, our fight will become more interesting, but I didn’t expect you to break through your own defense and spend a lot of money to let people put Yuhua Mountain under house arrest. Can Weifu, a noble institution, dominate the world?" Your idea is too naive. "
"What?" Bahe Zhou Long Ma Ruhong and others are all looking big. Does Zhang Huazhen know anything about Yuhua Mountain? He is like that?
Ma Ruhong wanted to ask about the whereabouts of Yuhua Mountain, but Zhang Hua’s eyes indicated that he knew it was still a game, and he also knew that Yuhua Mountain was missing and they had it in Bahe.
"It’s despicable." Ma Ruhong cursed in his heart.
"Do you hear the toast?" An elder said [
Jade Song Tian’s face sank slightly. "These little bastards have actually done such a thing, which is equivalent to using external forces. It is absolutely not allowed to hum and wait for the game to finish and find their accounts." Several elders heard Yu Song Tian’s words and kept silent.
"Do you know?" Ba river asked coldly.
Zhou Long also got up at this time. "It seems that you lost this battle!" Zhang Hua’s body once again appeared in the water curtain. This time, these water curtains suddenly burst into numbers, as if the sharp needle drops the whole ring were waved.
The gas shield of Bahe River is extremely strong, because it is the constant circulation of qi, but the weather shield is not as good as Zhou Longli’s avoidance and defense, and it is still difficult to resist the cold erosion of heaven and earth.
A small drop of sunflower water is enough to make Zhou Long lose his resistance. The extreme cold is like a million acupuncture points that make Zhou Long curl up and groan together. Soon, frost appeared on his eyebrows and hair.
"What is this? Are you an idiot? " At this time, Bahe was horrified to shout out these shocking three words.
The cold attribute is too obvious, but Bahe vaguely feels that it is wrong. What if the broken expert has a weather cover first? Bahe learned from intelligence that Zhang Hua is a martial artist, and now he still has attributes.
Zhang Hua was surprised at the Bahe River but didn’t tell the truth. He planned to lift a blue crystal with his right hand and send out a stronger chill. "Is it cold in the world?" Even if it is Ba River, I can understand what I am facing.
"Freeze it", gently raise your hand and shake the Bahe River. The frightened eyes are extremely cold, thus penetrating the qi and resisting the Bahe River. I feel desperate bit by bit. Seeing the ice slowly invade my body is like spring calling in my heart not to walk in winter.
Although the gas is extremely overbearing, the cold of heaven and earth is still vulnerable! This is Zhang Hua’s feeling, but Zhang Hua didn’t say much to relieve their pain and then walked out of the ring. "I hope it will be a thing of the past when I see you tigers."
Zhang Hua, who has three kinds of cold in heaven and earth, I’m afraid that Ba River and Zhou Long have been enemies in nature, and they have not caused any harm to Zhang Hua.
It wasn’t until Zhang Hua left the martial arts field with the frost that Haoran University was boiling up. Ma Ruhong and Long sent someone to see Ba River Zhou Long two people despondently leaving the scene, and I felt that it didn’t seem to be true at all.
Zhou Long and Bahe, which used to control Haoran University, have now become losers, and Haoran University has no more opportunities to resist. Is the strength gap really so huge?
Ma Ruhong, a top ten expert, is very clear about their strength and the difficulty of cultivation. Zhang Hua made such incredible things that the whole Haoran University was intoxicated by other shocks.