Chen qi ha ha a smile and said, "What do you think of these? That man’s profound cultivation is already the fifth level of refining gas. We have been arrested a hundred times, and there is nothing to make up for the great difference in our mana. However, it is also a kind of experience for us to experience this disaster, which is of great benefit to our future practice. "

Xu Carp and Ying Ying set foot on the road of practice because of their occasional adventure, and they all took a somewhat playful attitude until they met Chen Qi. Although they have been tempered, after all, the dreamland in Ziyu bamboo slips is false, which is always different from such a life-and-death struggle. Just as Chen Qi said, they have their own understanding after this disaster.
Chen Qi looked up and found that three people had reached a gloomy mountain forest and said with a finger, "There seems to be a cave over there. Anyway, it’s also clean here. Let’s practice here for a few days and then look for six women in Luofu." Xu Carp and Ying Ying naturally have no objection. They practiced with Chen Qi in this mountain with the help of King Kong Tower. It is extremely difficult for him and Xu Carp to enter the country, but although they have their own understandings, they have not made any substantial breakthroughs in the printing of various days.
But they are not wasting their time. In addition to the illusory state of mind, Ying Ying cultivated the iron work to the seventh level, and Xu Li also cultivated the iron work to the fifth level. Xu Shaoshao finally cultivated a true spirit.
Compared with Xu Carp and Ying Ying, it’s much faster for Chen Qi to enter the country. After his initial understanding of Taihua Dragon Tactics and Fire Crow Array, he has become more profound, and he has been able to transport the magic of the Ministry and regain the vitality of the world. It can be called a thousand miles a day.
In particular, Chen Qi also suppressed the Red Ghost Pioneer. He decomposed this big demon into the purest and purest Jingxue vitality. After this, the nourishing department Tianlong Shenfan and The Golden Sutra of the Emperor were respectively promoted to a heavy ban, but the biggest progress was the third real dragon strength. The foundation of that Buddha’s light is the Buddhist seal. The first and second realms of the ten-square king kong fetus are hidden in a large array of Buddha’s light, and the flowers are flying in the excellent haze and polo, which is the page of Chen Qi Ji’s book, which has a great dragon tactic.
In front of Chen Qi, the flowers of Youtan Polo are fluttering and falling over the Buddha’s light. Every moment, they will form hundreds of large arrays with two boundaries and ten squares. Most of these large arrays with sealing power are objects, but there are also more than 20 sealed demon soldiers. Of course, it is more appropriate to call them Buddha soldiers now.
Youtan Boluo flowers are golden purple, red, Huang Qingbai, all kinds of colors and colorful colors. Each Youtan Boluo flower contains tiny Buddha power, but when these flowers are weak, it seems that blowing bombs can break the spirit flower. Once it forms the array, it is the strongest seal spell in the world.
Chen Qi frowned tightly and seemed to think about what his Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’
After more than ten days of penance in the mountains, Chen Qi has deduced the large array of two worlds and ten squares of King Kong fetus to the thirteenth weight. In a few more hours, he will meet with six women in Luofu, Wan Fang, Mo Qiwen, Bian Wanqing and other women, but Chen Qi wants to push the large array of two worlds and ten squares of King Kong fetus to a new level. He has caught a chance, which is elusive, just as people’s hearts are changing rapidly, and no one can say what he wants to do for a moment.
Xu Li and Ying Ying are chatting away. One is sweeping a willow branch slightly to drive away mosquitoes in the mountains, but the other is unable to keep his hands tied. He wants to improve his knowledge of the printing method of the heavens and the earth. Xu Lishi is a little bored and has been practicing hard. Ying Ying said, "Shao Shao has been sitting quietly for six or seven hours to see if he has forgotten to meet those six girls?" If he doesn’t remember, I’m going to sleep for a while. I always feel sleepy after practicing hard these days. "
Ying Ying laughed and said, "Xu Li, don’t argue with Qi Shao. He is a man who keeps everything steady. There are still several hours when we seize the moment, we will gain more strength. Maybe this progress will save me from a crisis. Look at how hard Qi Shao has cultivated. You and I don’t think he has his example. We also know what is monasticism."
It’s not that Xu carp doesn’t know that everything is penance, but he always feels that his mood has become more impetuous in recent days. Why can’t he be calm? Xu carp is no longer wordy. He thought, "My mood is so unstable, but it’s not that I’m watching seven little mana get higher and higher, but my home is getting worse and worse, but my mind is not peaceful enough. I’m so impetuous and I’m afraid that the distance to Buddhism is more distant …" Xu carp often makes this kind of reflection when he knows that he is impetuous, but when Xu carp sinks his mind into the sea of knowledge, he
At the beginning, when the elder who created the scripture of Tao Jing divided the Taoist mind into four classes and created the method of epiphany, he also knew that the Taoist mind was ethereal and fixed, and he accidentally touched the other machine. He remembered the old saying that the magic weapon of heaven and earth could move time to change the world, so he created such a set of methods. The magic weapon of heaven and earth was not seen at will in ancient times, but it was extremely rare. He created an illusory world in the sea with virtual knowledge, and put his own consciousness in this illusory world to refine others. This person looks like a monk but knows the sea. On the other hand, in the illusory world, I don’t know that thousands of years have passed. It’s really a genius to hone the Tao’s mind. The idea is that these trainings are all illusory, so it is of no help to hone the Tao’s mind.
Moreover, if a person’s qualifications can help those who are qualified to hone their minds, but at the same time, they can also make those who are not rooted enough to endure endless loneliness and reincarnation. Eventually, their mood is out of control, despair and madness are the death throats, and the road to immortality has always been a wish. If they can’t stand it, they are not qualified to step into this road.
Chen Qixu carp Ying Ying, three people, all honed their Taoist mind with the help of the dreamland in Ziyu bamboo slips. However, when they are just beginning to understand the Taoist mind, they have to create an illusory world in the sea by themselves. This world is the real "Taoist realm". Only when they break through the dreamland can they prove their heart and point to the true fairy path.
Although Xu carp has not learned any Buddhism from the Three Maya Sutra, he has repeatedly sharpened his mind. At this moment, his heart suddenly shines brightly, and Xu carp feels that "he" is separated from this world. Time suddenly becomes slower than a flower, a tree, a grass, a worm, a mountain and a breeze, and all kinds of sounds become completely different.
Xu carp felt sad and happy in his heart. Suddenly, a hut emerged in the sea of knowledge. There were many babbling children in the hut, and he was the teacher. Xu carp looked from the hall but recognized those babbling children. At this time, he suddenly came over for nothing. Those babbling children were his distractions for days, and he had to rely on his heart to get rid of many distractions to purify his mind …
Xu carp’s breath is getting longer and longer, and the eagle can’t help but form all kinds of methods. It’s warm and sunny, and it’s warmer and more peaceful than the atmosphere, so the three of them slowly brew.
Since the penance of the two worlds, the ten-square King Kong fetus hides a large array, Chen Qi and Ying Ying are all silent for a moment, and suddenly they feel something. Three circles of Buddha’s light suddenly shine alternately outside the body. The last circle is mixed with five-color excellent Tanpolo flowers, and a forbidden magic power is born in the deepest part of the Buddha’s light, which deduces this small magical power of Buddhism to the fourteenth circle of Buddha’s light, and the excellent Tanpolo flowers are burning with life and dying …
Chapter one hundred and thirty-one A thought is divided into two realms and ten sides of mind.
One flower, one world, one tree, one mind, two worlds, and ten ways of mind.
Chen Qi felt that something seemed to burst in his heart, and he knew that there was a myriad of lights in the sea. The sudden appearance of a concrete and micro-hill also enlightened his mind that his road was different from Xu Li’s, and the evolution of the road was also different. The hill was half cloudy and half foggy, and it seemed to be suspended. There were many flowers and plants, birds and animals, but it seemed to be bare when he thought about it. Even if Chen Qi himself was in Fuchiyama, the scenery was as true as false.
Chen Qi laughed and Xu Carp and Ying Ying just opened their eyes at this time. The three men looked at each other and said nothing. Chen Qi casually revealed the King Kong Tower and took them into the tower together. This just turned into a raven and flew to Fuyang Fucheng.
The six women in Luofu were originally the same senior martial sister Mo Yunyi, the second senior martial sister Mo Qiwen, Baihua Sword, Qing Xu, the third butcher, the third dragon fairy, Bian Wanqing, the fourth peony fairy, and Wan Fangyu, the second Younger, because of their late debut, were also nicknamed the old hardware and the old six Yang Qingqing, and after their alliance with Chen Qi and others, they were also worried about the Peach Blossom Sect, but it didn’t take long for Ma Yu, the chief manager of Fuyang Fucheng, to personally send a post to Wanfu, saying that this matter had passed, and asked all the women not to worry about it
Luo Fu’s six women are also quite strange, but it is relieved to think that Chen Qi is a "Qingcheng brother". When the time comes, the six women will dress up and bring their own spears to the Wanhualou party. This time, even Wan Fang’s brother Wan Qi brought himself to attract two monks from the side door to come to the party together.
Ma Yu moved all his strength to communicate with Chen Qiyi after a meeting, but Ma Yuan’s father was, after all, taught by the elders of the Peach Blossom Sect. Although he had already said badly, this time the Peach Blossom Sect sent two elders to decide in the final result.
When Chen Qi brought Xu Carp and Ying Ying in a secluded place in Fuyang city, he looked up at the Wanhua Tower, and his heart could not help but feel slightly awe-inspiring. This time, he sent two elders, all of whom were refined and repaired on the fifth floor. They have been out of touch for decades. This time, it was because of the inclusion of "Qingcheng Sect Brothers" that these two elders came out to intervene in this matter.
Peach Blossom Sect’s method of refining evil spirits originated from ancient times and has undergone many supplementary changes. Although it is also known as Peach Blossom Evil Spirit, it has never come. In ancient times, peach blossoms were colorful and lost their beauty, and a poisonous gas was bred in the wonderful evil spirit. Only when they were cultivated to the level of vigorous qi will they return to peach red, but only when they were cultivated to the highest peak will they be condensed into peach blossoms.
These two elders have been practicing for nearly 300 years, although they are not qualified to win the elixir, but they are also deeply cultivated into peach blossoms. There are already faint peach blossoms in the scent, and each of them has a pink scent that rushes through the roof of Wanhualou and reaches a height of more than 100 feet.
From a distance, Chen Qi knows that powerful figures have come to Wanhua Building today. Peach Blossom teaches two elders to deliberately release vigorous gas without convergence, which also harms Ma Yuan’s "Qingcheng Brother". After all, Chen Qi is just refining gas into practice. Although he has a hard work in the face of the fourth floor of refining gas by many means, Chen Qi has the second possibility of losing all the way to a higher level.
Xu carp and Ying Ying also saw that there were two pink smoke in the direction of Wanhualou, which was as straight as a column and rushed to a height of 100 feet. The two of them got Chen Qi’s advice and knew what this sign represented. Ying Ying was a little unbelievable and said, "It’s just that the Peach Blossom Sect killed an invisible person and put on such a big appearance. They didn’t take it too seriously."
Xu carp said, "Ma Yuan’s death is not necessarily the same as that fellow’s death, but he was hit by seven little ones. I don’t know whether the Peach Blossom Sect is alive or dead. Of course, I never dare to send a younger brother to change the refining. It is also reasonable that we don’t know whether Ma Yuan is dead or not. If he is dead, we are afraid that this is the Hongmen banquet. If Ma Yuan is not dead, we dare not show our fear in the past. Maybe the Peach Blossom Sect will turn against us."
Chen Qi is a slight thoughtfully and grinned. "If we don’t go, it’s almost inevitable that we won’t be afraid of his peach blossom and teach them to turn against each other. Although I’m really not a Qingcheng brother, I really don’t want to look down on Xu Shaoying and let’s go."
Although Chen Qi still doesn’t want to tell Xu Li Ying Ying about some things, he didn’t want to hide his origins. There are two meanings: the former is that friends and brothers can understand each other if they don’t want to talk, but the latter is that they treat people as fools or don’t treat people as friends. Chen Qi and Xu Li Ying Ying Ying know that these two friends can explain their origins long ago.
Xu carp and Ying Ying are also bold people. Although they know the danger of this trip, they also know that they have to overcome difficulties in the face of great crises, and experience will bring them unparalleled benefits, which is very helpful to break the barriers in their hearts and refine their minds. Even after a life-and-death fight, ordinary fighters will have many martial arts breakthroughs. Monks will do things that they have never experienced before, and there are many difficult words to help them practice.
Chen Qi brought Xu Carp and Ying Ying Shi Shiran to the outside of Wanhua Building. Although the three people came here for the second time, it was not enough for them to shock the Wanhua Building once, not only because they had been here once, but also because their horizons were greatly different.
Chen Qi and Xu Li, in particular, have just established the rudiment of Tao in the sea, so they can do it if they want, but when my consciousness sinks into the Tao, it will be a thousand times faster. When I go through a few moments of life and death, sadness, loneliness and silence, it will not be so easy for me to impress their hearts again. The thing is that when my consciousness sinks into the Tao, I can’t come to realize it, or if someone can keep my mind sinking into the Tao, it will be unfavorable.