A lot of people around me were whispering, and Yi Dingjie’s angry eyes swept away, scaring those people to bow their heads in haste. A few timid people were afraid of retaliation and hurried away. After all, it was well known that Yi changed hands.
"The highest bidder wins. I’d like to see how much this little guy can compete with me for?" Yi Dingjie was angry with this man, too. He couldn’t lose it. He wanted to gain some benefits by taking advantage of Yi Long’s family. I didn’t expect this to happen.
"One five-lich King Yaodan and two four-lich King Yaodan are not angry, you can also bid." Suddenly Lin Dongkou.
Yi Dingjie was dumbfounded. Princess Xinjie also stood there, and Ya Lou even paid attention to her ears. Did she listen to me correctly? It seems that it was agreed that the Five Lich King Yaodan was exchanged for the ring. How did you get two more four Lich King Yaodan?
"Good, good. I remember that if you have the ability, don’t go out of Jubao Zhai. Let’s go." Yi Dingjie’s face changed a few times. This price is not good. So many people around him looked at Yi Dingjie and left angrily.
Chapter DiErLiu Ten Steps to Kill a Man
"I’ll be out in a minute," Yi Dingjie said flatly when he passed by Lin Dong.
Yi Dingjie’s facial muscles twitched slightly as soon as his footsteps stopped. "Ok, you have seed. You wait."
"I’m sure if I had you, I wouldn’t wait." Lin Dong’s words are very dull without any anger, but listening to others’ ears is another taste
Yi Dingjie’s lungs are going to explode at the moment.
The Dragon Family is a thin camel, which is much bigger than the horse. There are some details. The family says that it can’t be provoked easily. It will wait for decades until it gets the support of the water family. The strange family has risen again, and there are more peaks in the family.
That’s why she can’t put up with it. She can’t be impulsive and break the big deal. But what is this small thing? I don’t know where it comes from. A hillbilly dares to challenge himself without the logo of five families.
"If you go out, I won’t kill you. My name is not Yi Dingjie. If you dare to go out with a ring, I will chop your fingers together and have your head." Yi Dingjie’s last sentence is a sound. Although Yi Dingjie is fierce, he can’t say something publicly, just like killing people and stealing goods. This kind of thing is normal in the holy land, but no one can know it.
I didn’t expect to get into trouble when I first arrived here to seize the Dragon City, but it was a big deal not to go to the auction house. I fought a lot with the monster beast during this period, but I didn’t fight the real strong in the Holy Land.
Lin Dong’s goal is to be strong, just as he fought with those demon kings in the forest. If he wants to be a real strong man, he must have a firm heart and the courage to sweep all obstacles ahead.
"Since you don’t go to the hospital, let’s talk about it first." There are many people here. Just now, I can’t watch Yi Dingjie being run away. Princess Jie made a gesture, please.
It doesn’t matter to him that the room is big enough and gorgeous enough, but it’s not too expensive.
As soon as Lin Donggang sat down, Princess Xinjie apologized slightly. "I’m really sorry that I don’t know the public name. Today, things are a little reckless. Please don’t take it amiss."
Lin Dong smiled. The heart-clean princess is also a smart person. She knew that she would tell the price directly and added two Four Lich King Yaodan. She didn’t want to take advantage of her, but she saw through her mind and wanted to attack Yi Dingjie by herself.
"It’s the most important thing for me to get something. If you really feel embarrassed, send me another 500 cubic meter ring." In business, Lin Dong has never been afraid of who will not suffer more. Two Four Lich King Yaodan are not worth a 500 cubic meter ring. Just now, Lin Dong added two Four Lich King Yaodan for no reason. How can this heart-clean princess be cheap in vain?
Princess Xinjie smiled at once. "Gong is the most ambitious, committed and calculating person I have ever met."
"I when you praise me this calculation is not easy for a while after going out, I’m afraid someone is waiting to cut my finger and kill me." Lin Dong will pick words directly.
This move is even more surprising for Princess Xinjie. Look carefully at Lin Dong. Don’t say that the five families in the country control nearly 300 million people. There are eleven dragon families in the top cities, and there are also some connections everywhere. She also knows something about where there are special outstanding people, but she has never heard of this person. There is no description of this person.
"If you don’t mind, we can live in Jubao Zhai for a period of time first. I will think of some way to resolve this matter. Although Yi Jia is not weak, our Dragon Family can still guarantee fairness and security."
"Isn’t the account of no interest calculated yet?"
"It has been calculated." As soon as Princess Xinjie waved, someone was holding a box. There were two rings inside the box. "Here is a ring of 2,000 cubic meters. This is a ring of 500 cubic meters. Ju Yuan Dan and his belongings are all inside."
Lin Dong raised my hand with two rings, and immediately found out the spirit and ideas. There are still a lot of middle heel lingshi Lin Dong in it, and he directly threw the five hundred cubic meters ring into the big ring and then got up.
"I will come in two days and hope that you can have news about those things I want. If there is any news, I will trade with you with ten demon Dan of the demon king level." Those news are the most important thing for Lin Dong. Lin Dong still knows that some news is not worth the price, but the benefits are enough.
"Although you can rest assured that you don’t know if you are United with the public and have a clean heart, you really want to make friends with the public. Can you tell me?" This time, Long Fengjie said that she stood up and left Lin Dong. This is what she said from her heart. She has been in charge of Jubao Zhai for more than three years, and some people have brought some business theories from the outside world with her wisdom. She believes that her business has been quite severe, but Lin Dong has simply and casually made the sale superb.
It is also the kind of person who is afraid that even Yi Jia can not care. If he is not behind a huge force, then this person is no ordinary person.
"Lin Dong" doesn’t need to be specially concealed. It’s unnecessary and I don’t want to climb anything with others. At last, I was so eager and asked Lin Dong in my personal identity, and I walked straight away.
Lin Dong and Lin Dong are not five big families, straight people, affiliated families outside five big families, and there is no surname Lin. There is a country with a royal family surname Lin, but that country has less than 10 million people, so it is not too far to seize Tianlong City. It is not too far to seize Tianlong City and another big country. Their information is familiar to Princess Xin Jie. There is no such person.
Princess Xinjie stupidly sent Lin Dong out of the door and watched Lin Dong walk away.
"People immediately ordered to let people pay attention to this Lin Dong’s whereabouts, and at the same time, check if Yi Jia has any movement …" Princess Xinjie hesitated a little. "If he was really beheaded by Yi Jia, try to see if he could be rescued."
"Princess positions don’t want to turn against Yi Jia yet. What happened to this person? I’m afraid the position there is not good." The person behind Princess Xinjie said carefully.
"I know," Princess Xinjie affirmed. "This man can have five demon kings, demon Dan and many other demon Dan, all of which have just been killed. It can be seen that this man is unusual soon, and you don’t need to show your identity. Even if he is suspicious, what can we do?"
"Give me a check. Even ten generations of his ancestors found out that I don’t know what the so-called things dare to rob public things." At the moment, Yi Dingjie is sitting in his spacious car and the car is heading back to Yi’s house.
This car is more luxurious and luxurious than Lin Dong’s car before them, and it is even wider than the original Maggie. There are two people behind Yi Dingjie, who are slightly taller. Some cross-eyed men are called Gao Yan, and the other person’s long characteristics are similar to Ya Lou’s. He is also a native and an ordinary hybrid who has been holding a fan in his hand. At this time, his right hand is holding a fan and gently tapping on the palm of his left hand. "Please rest assured, young master, we have ordered people to decorate eyeliner at the door and informed us that Yi Jia intelligence personnel want him to escape from our control in Liuzhou, and they are afraid that he
Yi Dingjie’s face was a little cold when he heard Ma Chengxin’s words. "I can’t believe that he can adjust his family’s manpower immediately if he doesn’t come out for a generation, but he can use this opportunity to put pressure on the Dragon Family even if he doesn’t start work on them now. I will be interesting to see what cards the Dragon Family has."
"Let’s do this. After two days, the little man will continue to adjust his troops if he doesn’t come out. I’ll go back and discuss it with my father and elders. This is a good opportunity." Speaking of this, Yi Dingjie’s eyes also showed excitement. He stretched out his hand and waited on the beautiful woman next to the cup, and quickly filled the wine with Yi Dingjie’s drink.
"Yes" Gao Yan agreed, while Ma Chengxin applauded repeatedly.