Chapter two hundred and thirty God was born in a setback and Tianjiao returned to the East.

The rare scene of the sky falling with white snow and black flowers shows that the hell has come and lived quietly for more than 100 thousand years. They chose to declare their return from the city of God.
Freeing from the shackles, the ups and downs, bloodshed and drifting scenes of the gods in hell do not stimulate the minds of the monks in Shencheng. This ancient book says that the power has become true!
"Hell is finally born, and these kings are on the rise. Do they want to dance on the rise and be brilliant?"
"They were destroyed by the King of Man, and a strongpoint was slaughtered. A mighty man will definitely not let it go. This is a shame. They chose to be born to respond, and it will probably set off a bloody storm."
The birth of two ancient killer gods shocked everyone and touched everyone’s nerves, especially the saints, whose ancestors participated in the action of destroying the gods
In those days, the three gods of heaven, hell, and the world reigned in heaven for quite a long time, which made all the ancient inheritors of the East Wilderness lose their voices and dare not offend.
Because once they are provoked, a peerless figure will be assassinated, which is unbearable, and no holy place will be eaten.
It can be said that it was a dark age, and it was a turmoil. Until more than 100,000 years ago, several big families led the holy places to join forces and even moved the emperor soldiers. Finally, the heaven was uprooted, but three ancient sages were also lost. The World War I was known to all.
"That time, if it weren’t for the hell who betrayed heaven, it wouldn’t really be destroyed. They benefited a lot from it and retired."
There are elders in the city of God who have revealed a secret in the past years. At that time, there were three treasures in heaven, namely the heavenly staff and the nine secrets.
Hell people, they always think about heaven’s high secrets, nine secrets and one line of words, but they can break through all kinds of methods, and they can go to the extreme in nine days and ten places, and then they will evolve the laws of God.
But unfortunately, they didn’t get the secret of the script after the death of heaven, and the scroll of skins born in the emperor’s bedroom this time attracted their attention to know the secret of the script.
However, it fell into the hands of an ancient sacred body, and it was a gain that the chaotic stone of the Zhenjiao magic embryo was taken away by the king.
"This time, they were born and suffered losses. I’m afraid they will retaliate against Wang Zhan, the ginger family, and the Gu Hua dynasty. Later generations should be careful."
Some people frown and feel that they will not be calm for a while. Although the strongholds destroyed by the king are not ancient shrines or those ancient sacred halls, they have also severely cut their faces.
After all, they were just born, so they destroyed a stronghold. Isn’t this a bow to the face? No one can stand it.
Relatively, once the address of the world in hell is found out, it will be a powerful blow to the Jiang family. The Gu Hua dynasty will not be a sitting duck.
"The two great gods have retired for all the years, but now they are born with such high profile. I am afraid they have enough strength."
"Do you mean that they have resumed their grand occasion?"
The Lord’s householders are also lost in thought. Without a certain confidence, this group of rats in the sewer can’t just stir up and have to pay attention to it.
If this is the case, the problem is quite serious, which proves that the details of the two killers have expanded to the point of fearing the world.
In the past, all the holy places participated in the world-famous war before the ancient times. They didn’t want to uproot the hell on earth, but they didn’t know how much they would pay until they really fought.
And the hell of the world has also released the windy king, destroyed one of their strongholds and beheaded a powerful one, and they destroyed the strongholds of the Jiang family in Gu Hua and chopped off their powerful ones, blood for blood and a tooth for a tooth.
So the news spread quickly. Many people think that Gu Hua, the Jiang family, will recall foreigners, otherwise I’m afraid there will be great losses.
"They probably think it’s hard to deal with the king’s hand, and then they turn to his power. After all, they can’t even take the great power to go out. Maybe they can try one or two things only with the great power of the Lord."
The actions of the two great deities are naturally understood by people as the fear of people. Wang Zhanli is very difficult and can be killed. This record has made everyone stunned, even one leader has his eyelids pounding.
In today’s world, the great power is already the highest in terms of surface combat power, and there is no doubt that the king of men has entered this ranks after the war, which has forced the gods to start from another direction
On this day, Li Yu responded directly to the threat of hell on earth, which was very direct and disdainful.
He announced to the five realms that there was a reward for the gods beheaded in hell, 10,000 yuan for the common killers, 100,000 yuan for the elite brothers, one million yuan for the elders, one million yuan for the Sendai soldiers who beheaded the gods, and an excellent soldier who interwoven the jurisprudence.
A ginger family, the West Desert Holy Temple of Gu Hua Dynasty, responded with great efforts, and the successful person can come to them to receive it. Finally, even the Demon Emperor Temple participated.
"If anyone can give the address of the high hall of hell to the God-Jane level dragon marrow ancient bible to prolong life and longevity!
Those who are in the 12-yuan position of the Ten-tier Hell can get the elixir of longevity, such as the king, the soldier, the medicine, the king, the people and the fruit! "
At the same time, Li Yu took out ten drops of rare dragon marrow, and the effect of prolonging life was even worse.
Before him, he harvested the scriptures, weapons, and elixir roots of God, God, Earth, and Ghost, which are the most worthless things, not to mention the source.
"God, this is to completely drag out those old guys. If Nangong Daneng had never broken into the Immortal Hall, I’m afraid he would have appeared to attack the killer gods!"
People are surprised that this move is really malicious, and it is simply to launch a hunt that sweeps across five domains and suppress the killer organization, which is quite strong and direct.
You know, the hell on earth is just announced, and the king of men will be hit on the head and directly cut off their road, which in turn will kill them!
Soon, the news that the two were fighting for each other was handed out, which shocked the East Wilderness and stirred up five days.
On this day, the northern city of God was boiling, and everyone was crazy. This news of the earthquake first flew into various major forces everywhere.
"This is really a deep-pocketed offensive. So many fairy treasures will drive heaven and man to hunt down the killer gods."
People are really crazy, with so many benefits, people can’t kill an ordinary killer calmly, and the temptation is too great; The elite brother is more than 100 thousand, and many famous ladies are willing to condescend.
"Don’t forget to get rid of the ginger family, Gu Hua, and the West Desert Holy Temple of the Demon Emperor; It’s nothing worse for him to be the king of man or the source of the heavenly master. The support of the four major forces can set off a terrible tsunami flood! "
Many people’s eyes are flashing, and this is to block the killer’s way. Anyway, Wang can assign Feng Shui to dig out the source, which belongs to buying and selling killers.
The big deal is that he specially took out a period of time to dig up the source of killer gods, but the source is limited, which is to motivate the two ancient gods to hunt between man and nature
"Is it interesting to practice the great skill of killing life? I wonder if I can compete with the five-color divine light for a while."
The Peacock King in the Mountain Hall stood with his hands negative and his brow arrogant, laughing and sinking into the void.