"Doing this is cheating!"

This roar was made by the reaper’s Lord God, who had been paying attention to this scene. The local concentration of M grains in Busan had a short explosion, from 210 to 400 Grammy units, and then dropped back to the original number.
Although it lasted less than one tenth of a second, the impact of a large number of M particles instantly burned the belt equipment and even the engine in Busan.
The sweeper’s Lord God said coldly, "I didn’t do it, the law of cause and effect was his test!" "
"It wants to force them to skydive!"
Wang Lei and his wife don’t know, but the two gods know very well that their parachutes can be played normally. If they parachute, they will fall to the ground and turn into two pieces of meat.
"Feel it? Just now, M grains broke out and the whole city stopped! "
Chengshazhi shouted that the situation of the plane was equivalent to being blind and not being able to see the landing track clearly, resulting in death.
At this moment, another engine that could work normally outside the plane suddenly came to a strange sound, and now it was dark. Although it was unclear, now this world is a world of magical powers. Wang Lei and Shazhi knew for the first time with their keen perception that the engine was now invalid.
Wang Lei sound qi
"Bad trap I just improper! It just wants to force us to skydive magic bullets! "
Chengsha weaving nods and loosens the steering rod of the aircraft to condense the magic and release the magic of playing bullets.
In a short time, Guangzhong City Yarn Weaving saw the landing track of Busan Airport, and the previous darkness shocked their route. I quickly corrected it. Although M grains made the magic come true, the power was quite small. I also had to concentrate on flying the plane. She released the magic flare light and didn’t even shine a third. Wang Lei watched while worrying about saving lives. Wang Lei’s life magic and defense magic were far better than yarn weaving, but the magic ability of square type was quite bad. At this time, I could apply a protective magic plus myself to prevent accidents, but the speed of the plane was so fast and the height was not low. How many life-saving effects could the protective magic
It is only enough for husband and wife to correct the runway position after a short period of light, and then determine the distance, angle and height difference between the plane and the airport runway by their superhuman "magic" intuition of the track position in memory. It is very dangerous to land with short-term memory without light guidance. If you accidentally land the plane, it will hit an obstacle and kill people!
The plane landed in a gliding attitude with only inertia.
"I am the protagonist, I am a plane, and I have a protagonist aura! I have a halo! "
Wang Lei, the plane, kept praying hypnotically, nervous and excited.
The wheel touched the ground and stepped on it, then slid. Wang Lei and his wife did not dare to take it lightly. They continued to control the rudder of the plane, but Wang Lei condensed their magical ability to prevent accidents
After nearly 100 meters, I don’t know what the left wheel hit. The plane shook violently and then the fuselage tilted out of the runway.
Both of them realized the bad news.
This situation is ready. Wang Lei cast magic as quickly as possible to protect the bodies of the two people. Almost immediately after he released the magic, he rushed out of the plane and fell into the grass next to him. He barely ran for ten meters, and then he plunged headlong into the grass. The second half of the fuselage was broken in the process.
Fortunately, Wang Lei was able to release magic to protect the bodies of the two people at that time. In the process, the two people were stunned and injured. The current situation of the two people is also in a state of upside down with the nose of the plane.
"If it is difficult to shadow, there must be a scene of a big burning and explosion in the residual aviation gasoline of the aircraft."
Before the forced landing, the mechanical instrument of the plane showed that there were still more than 2 thousand kilograms of heavy fuel left, and the second half of the fuselage was burning now.
Wang Lei swore in his heart, but his hands were unambiguous. He quickly unfastened his waist seat belt, and the yarn weaving also unfastened the seat belt like him. Then the husband and wife teamed up with Wang Lei to lend their magic to his wife to help her break down the deformed door, and then the husband and wife tried their best to squeeze it out of the deformed nose and stay away from the plane.
The two men just got off the plane and soon the nose burst into flames. Such a movement naturally shocked the South Korean soldiers standing by near the defenders of Busan Airport.
Wang Lei ignored them but raised his left hand and right hand together to show two middle fingers to the sky and shouted, "Old man has defeated Lord God several times! I am the protagonist of this world. I don’t care who the fuck you are. I don’t want to kill me. I fuck you! "
Chapter 41 invisible crisis
Wang Lei shouted to the sky that the two main gods listened to him.
The reaper’s Lord god said
"That’s interesting. Did you hear that? He wants to fuck your mother! "
The reaper’s Lord God spent several years, and he probably told those whose fate was at his mercy to play with reincarnation, and also played with him, pointing fingers at the Lord God angrily like Wang Lei now.
The reaper god is restricted by the rules and can’t directly punish them, but the rules of Zhongli add a little difficulty or trouble to them, but they are still allowed by the rules
The sweeper’s Lord God is lukewarm and tunnel "I don’t have a mother! If the creator of our master is my mother, I support him. "
Unlike the reaper’s God, the sweeper’s God is "simple". He doesn’t have as many emotions as the reaper’s God, nor is he so complicated.
PQ16 Plane Earth, the wreckage of the plane beside the runway of Busan Airport is ablaze, and the fire light pulls the figure of Wang Lei and his wife for a long time. The airport guards in the distance are running towards Wang Lei and his wife.
Suddenly, a stray bullet flew in and almost hit two people. The bullet came from a South Korean soldier M16. It was not aimed at the heart, but the gun went off. A bunch of soldiers ran towards them with guns, and then the M16 bullet in someone’s hand was accidentally fired.
Wang Lei’s back suddenly burst into cold sweat, and after the gunshot, the husband and wife immediately fell to the ground to prevent accidents. Fortunately, this was really an "accident" rather than "death is coming"
The identity of the two people naturally alarmed the person in charge of Busan Airport. After confirming the identity of the two people overnight, I was shocked and quickly entertained them.
After getting in touch with the South Korean military, the first thing they did was to tell the South Korean side everything they encountered when they left Japan and ask them to help broadcast it to the world.
"Mr. Wang is worried about your comfort because the former prime minister of our country lost contact with the Japanese archipelago. I didn’t expect to hear from you on the Korean territory for a moment."
The person who communicated with the two men was a special correspondent of the South Korean military named Park Jung-ping. He told the two men that the news that the world and Japan had been cut off three hours ago had already frightened the leaders of the world. The Wang Lei couple came from Japan and only found Japanese in these three hours.
Park Zheng-ping’s professional smile is heavier than Wang Lei’s. In time, officials called him by his first name, but abroad he returned to his original identity.
"The Japanese archipelago lost its connection!" When Wang Lei and his wife first heard the news, they couldn’t help but be shocked. They remembered the crazy growth of M grains when they fled. They had expected that the real situation was a hundred times worse than they expected.
Cheng sha zhi kou Dao
"The former take-off plane? At that time, the Japanese government had evacuated a large number of civil airliners to transport key personnel for the first time. "
"Take off the plane?" Park Zheng-ping shook his head in a daze. "Mrs. Oda is not Mrs. Wang. I’m sorry we didn’t receive this news."
Although Koreans are very unhappy, the world is facing the crisis of extinction, and it is difficult for Park Jung-ping to feel "gloating". Instead, there is a sigh of sadness in his words.
"I am white! Thank you for telling us the news. "
Wang Lei remembered seeing the star-devouring beast before and guessed that it had fallen into those strange animals. At this time, the couple didn’t know that there was another volcano bird, which was the same ferocious creature.
The news that Wang Lei and his wife fled to Busan, South Korea, was not kept secret by Koreans to the world. The United States, China and the Soviet Union received a notification from the ROK at the first time.